NEW: Social Media Manager Certification Program

For the past two years we were focused on the social media strategist education. We actually coined the term Social Media Strategist about two years ago when it was clear to us that social media in corporations is a strategic engagement. We were fortunate enough to have attendees from world class companies including 3M, ADP, Dell, EMC, Oracle, Qwest,, SAP and many others.

Consequently the demand for social media managers is rapidly growing. Companies who now have a social media strategy in place need managers and social media helpdesk teams to actually execute the strategy. And in that position, there is more to know than just how to tweet or how to build a fan page.

New Social Media Manager Certrification

As a result of that we put together a three week Social Media Manager training with certification.

The new program has a total of 12 lessons and 4 online workshops with hand on experience. Also the Social Media Manager program is based on our online learning model which is an important experience for collaborating in an online world. Attendees collaborate as a team, often times across the globe. Of course not needing to travel is a nice advantage but learning to live in this online world while learning to navigate it is the biggest benefit of online learning.

The key elements of the new program are:
– Understanding the impact of social media on businesses
– Social media presence development in sites including
   Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, SlideShare, YouTube, Quora and others
– The key aspects of social networking in business
– Social Media Monitoring, hands on experience
– Social marketing engagement strategies
– Social Media Plan development – using a planning framework

– Building creative social media initiatives
– Resources and Budget Planning

How it works:

Attendees join the initial introductory workshop, introduce themselves and get familiar with the online learning system. The following days attendees take the lessons at their own leisure and collaborate with their class mates on exercises they will need to perform. At the next workshop, a week later, attendees present their work and discuss it with others and the instructor of the class. There is time for discussions and Q+A to make sure there are no open questions. At the end of the workshop, the next exercises will be discussed and the team is off to collaborate and develop a social media program, a budget plan or one of the many other tasks. All that is taught during the online lessons. During the week the instructor is always available for questions if an attendee got stuck in the work.

After three weeks of hard work, lots of learning (12 lessons, about one hour in length) and many real life exercises, attendees are ready for a final exam before they graduate.

Certified Social Media Manager

Hiring mangers or mangers who hire a consultant want to know what the applicant knows and what experience they have. It isn't just about some examples and it isn't just about some training. It broils down to three things:

1) What have you done that makes me believe that you can do this?
2) What techniques, methods or frameworks are you using?
3) If you leave, can somebody else continue the work?

Many can answer the first question. But must draw blank on the other two.

We developed a highly transparent certification program so that everybody knows what that certification means, what it includes and what to expect from a certified social media manager or strategist when he or she comes from the Social Media Academy.

New Program Starts June 21

The introductory price for the class is $795






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