Dear Larry Page – Remember Innovation?

I'm sure you can do better than copy (for a second time [Orkut]) what's already out there. Think Innovation.

May I make a suggestion for your social media engagement? I personally don't believe Google+ will have a great impact other than some noise in the next few weeks. Your other social network Google Orkut was not a bad product either – but it was from the wrong company. Social networking is not only about a technology, algorithms, features and a few announcements – it is about people and people behind the people. And Larry, Google has NEVER been a people company.

So how you can change that?

First, your search engine is over 10 years old – it's OLD! Yes you made some improvements on "algorithms", you improved search "technology" and other scientific stuff – but you never improved the HUMAN SEARCH EXPERIENCE.

Start being social where you are already a leader: At your very own search engine.

Build a Social Search Engine

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Are you a social couch potato?

Jorge Purgly is the undisputed No.1 in Xeesm visits. What makes him the No.1?

Here are a few things that really matter – it's all about 'xee and be xeen':

1) Don't be a social couch potato

And please don't say "I have no time" – that's like saying "I have no time for my customers, partners, vendors, friends and other people who are important to you". Xeesm visits are a reflection of the engagement in the social web. The more active you are the more likely you get visited – assuming you share your Xeesm all the time.

Your Xeesm IS NOT ABOUT YOU – it is about making it easy for others to get to know you – even for your closest friends it is much easier to click than to search! Yes, they know you well, they even know your Twitter handle by heart – yet it is easier to click than to type it in! Be xeen ;)

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Did you SEO your Facebook Page?

Kelly Chan posted a good article about SEO on Facebook pages on Social Media & Technology

Here is the essence:

Choose Your Facebook Page Name Carefully

Choosing your Facebook page name should not take much more effort than remembering the name of your business. While some blog authors get kitschy and creative with blog titles, your Facebook name should reflect the heart and soul of your brand. Not only could spammy words in your title be penalized by Google, but your customers will also be turned off by an obtrusive Facebook page name. Your page name is critical in helping you find new customers, which works by including who are you and what you do. Likely, both are included in the name of your company already. Keep it simple, but keep it real, and make sure you choose your name carefully — because you can only change it if you have amassed fewer than 100 fans.

Choose your vanity URL carefully. Facebook now features the ability for Facebook page owners to choose a custom URL (also known as a username) once you have amassed over 25 fans (or “likes”). Claiming your username ASAP is critical in not only maintaining brand reputation, but is another way for potential customers to find you in search. Don’t load your vanity URL with unrelated keywords, but expanding on the title of your brand with a few very short related keywords about your business can help grab related search traffic. Don’t abuse this feature, however, as Facebook can revoke or reclaim a username at any time. This URL can only be changed once, so make sure you get it right the first time (changing it is a process that will hurt your SEO, by the way).

Use the Info Tab

A big chunk of your Facebook Page SEO lies within the Info tab on your page. The Info tab has fields that contain important descriptive metadata that can be caputured in search. In the Info tab you can provide a keyword rich company description and link back to your blog or main Web site, if you have one, as well as other social networks your brand may use. Make sure you include as much detail as possible in the fields related to the category you choose — which is why it’s important to pick the category for the page that is most related to your brand. Google sees this tab as an entirely seperate “page” from your wall, so it’s a great place to load up on keywords that you want to be searched for. You can also use it to help with local SEO by including your company’s address and phone number.

Post Links to Your Web Site or Blog on Your Page Wall

Status updates are a powerful way to place links back to your company’s Web site or blog near the top of your Page CSS structure, which can boost your search rankings. Google also positively factors in links to relevant sites as part of its algorithm, yet unrelated links can hurt your SEO. When you post links, make sure you don’t just type in the URL as part of the status update, and use the “Attach Link” feature. Facebook will then pull in the title, body, and image — as a thumbnail — from your blog or Web site, as well as a summary of text from your blog or Web site. This keyword-dense update can especially boost your SEO if it’s near the top of your Facebook page wall.

Link Back to Your Facebook Page

Google’s algorithm factors inbound and outbound links to your Facebook page, so make sure you have inbound links to your page, too. Easy ways to accomplish this include using the Facebook “like” button on your brand’s blog. When a fan or customer “likes” a blog post, an update will be posted on their wall that they like the post, which automatically includes a link back to your Facebook page from their Facebook profile. Using Facebook’s commenting platform also drives similar traffic and backlinks to your Facebook page, as any time someone comments on your blog, it will be noted on their Facebook profile with a link back to both the blog and your Facebook page.

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Hiring A $180,000 Social Media Director

This is no easy task. Once you look under the hood what you need – you will have a hard time to find one. There is currently one capable social media strategist for approximately 1,000 open positions.


The Social Media Director should be able to do the following:

1) Making a thorough assessment

Hopefully using some proven audit or assessment methods

Coming back with a well structured report

Being able to make a good social media swot analysis from the findings

2) Creating a social media strategy

Having the ability and comprehension to go cross departmental with it

Knowing about the impact of social media on the sales team and how to leverage social engagement techniques to generate better customer relationships

Understanding the impact of social media on product management and how to leverage it for product requirements gathering, alleviating product design risk before it goes to production and leveraging the helping hand of early adopters in the product launch phase

Realizing the enormous impact on the support team and how service can leverage social media to improve service quality, customer experience level and advocacy

Haven a similar understanding of how social media improves HR, logistics, procurement and obviously marketing.

3) Strategy Alignment

Responsibility to bring the social media strategy in perfect alignment with the overall corporate strategy and possibly coach the executive team to make necessary alignments in the corporate strategy.

4) Overseeing the social engagement plans from the various departments

As such the Social Media Director has to be able to easily connect across department levels and support all department in their respective engagement which all has to serve the overall social media and business strategy.

Each of the departments will want and need to do their own programs to improve customer advocacy and drive public engagement. The social media director will be very busy to support all the departments with a cohesive engagement plan development.

5) Strategy Execution

Managing the executing of the social media strategy and ensuring that a clearly defined goal will be achieved at the decided point in time.

Now – there are some cute job descriptions out there where the social media director is also the one who does the "tweeting, blogging and commenting" all in one person. And the rest of the team does business as usual? That will obviously be a big failure.

What are you 'gonna do' – if you can't get the people?

Don't make a compromise and hire some mediocre social media people who may do their best – but that is still not the best for your company. Take your own team through a thorough education. They may take a bit longer to understand all the social media permutations and effects – but they know your business, your customers, your company culture and so much more that a social media super star has to learn if they join your organization. 

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Online Advertising Shift – $120,000 for Twitter Trends

The world is rapidly shifting to social media integrated advertising. Twitter's Adam Brain explains: "Promoted Tweets offerings are auction-based while Promoted Trends now cost $120,000 per day – up from $25,000 to $30,000 at launch in April 2010"

ZDnet writes: "Great news: Promoted Trends on Twitter now cost only $120,000 per day!

The obviously surprised ZDnet journalist Stephen Chapman writes: "Yes, you read that correctly. The current cost of a Promoted Trend for a day is a whopping $120,000. For added perspective and emphasis, that’s more than the average American will make in 3-4 years… before taxes!

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Cna yuo raed tihs? Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can.

Are you having trouble to blog about your thoughts and experience or just about things that are on top of your mind? Is it because your writing sucks, your grammar is terrible and some PR freaks tell you that you have to have somebody to proofread and review it before you actually post it? Well – try to read this:

Cna yuo raed tihs? Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can.

i cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg.The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno’t mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are,the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit apboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef,but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuot slpeling was ipmorantt! if you can raed tihs you unredtsand erevyithng esle I write.

If *anybody* out there is complaining about your writing, show them this – tell them you write only for the more intelligent people who actually can read it :)

I hpoe you hvae as much fun blggiong afetr all ocne you got over it lkie me a few yares ago.

Have a great weekend


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LinkedIn: Degraded

The question "How social are social media companies" are not new. And that LinkedIn kind of leads the less social companies isn't new either.

But this is just to sad to be funny:

"Dear valued member" – why not say "Hey – what's your face."

Or is your database so bad that you can't even pretend to be a bit social?

Now already the third question asks me to rate about my satisfaction of things that I'm not interested in. Can I just ignore it? No "You have to fill it out stupid – otherwise go away"

Now to the forth question "What information are you sharing on LinkedIn" – yes, LinkedIn is asking me what I have on their site. Hard to comment on this one without getting impolite.

Three more questions into it "Have you ever done a status update?" – Isn't it like asking your wife after 5 years marriage "Honey – did we have had a conversation?"

And on it goes. I thought social media was about knowing what's on top of your customers mind, knowing more and faster about what's going on…. Apparently not at LinkedIn

Result: Degraded as Web 1.0 software company.


LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Dear valued member,

Thank you for using LinkedIn. As one of our valued members we'd like to get your feedback on your experience with LinkedIn, and ask that you take a short survey which may take about 10 minutes to complete.

Your opinions are very important to us and will help us improve our products and services to better serve your needs.

As always your comments will be anonymous and aggregated with other responses.

The deadline to participate is 15th, June 2011 or until we receive 400 qualified responses.

Please click here to begin

If you have any questions or feedback, please direct your responses to our Customer Support team.

Warm Regards,
Brian Thome
Research Solutions Manager, LinkedIn Research Network




In Empire Avenue Social Capital Rules

Are you too serious for a game?

Well – then here maybe a game you should consider exploring. It is actually much more than a game.

Empire Avenue

The general mechanic of Empire Avenue is this:

You invest in your friends by buying and selling virtual shares. The more active they are the further grow their value and if you invested early your's grow too. Becoming wealthy is the goal.

Now this looks like so many other games in the social web. There have been games like "Be a tycoon" or "Sell your friend" and more. Pretty much all were just that – games. But Empire Avenue is very different:

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