Are you a social couch potato?

Jorge Purgly is the undisputed No.1 in Xeesm visits. What makes him the No.1?

Here are a few things that really matter – it's all about 'xee and be xeen':

1) Don't be a social couch potato

And please don't say "I have no time" – that's like saying "I have no time for my customers, partners, vendors, friends and other people who are important to you". Xeesm visits are a reflection of the engagement in the social web. The more active you are the more likely you get visited – assuming you share your Xeesm all the time.

Your Xeesm IS NOT ABOUT YOU – it is about making it easy for others to get to know you – even for your closest friends it is much easier to click than to search! Yes, they know you well, they even know your Twitter handle by heart – yet it is easier to click than to type it in! Be xeen ;)

2) Add your Xeesm to your social profiles

Do you limit your Twitter friends to go to only your Blog, website, or LinkedIn profile? Why not give THEM the option by having your Xeesm URL there. You will see how diverse their choosing is.

– go to
– put into the "More Info URL:" field

– go to
– add to "Websites" you may want
– select "Others" and say "My social networks (Xeesm)"

– go to Facebook and log in.
– select the "Info" tab and add to "Contact Information"

Don't forget your B L O G , Website, Quora, YouTube, Flickr…
– go to the respective profiles
– Add your Xeesm URL wherever appropriate

Don't expect the people looking at your profile, posts and comment to painfully search you elsewhere – they don't – it is up to you to be xeen.

3) Create a universal signature

Always sign a comment or post with your Xeesm. This is not about promoting yourself – it is about giving your readers and friends the fastest way to 'xee' more about you and potentially get in touch the way THEY prefer. The same is for your email signature. You don't need to clutter your signature with 5 or 10 or even more URLs. Use the Xeesm button that has the Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn favicon on it to show what it is about. The same goes for your business card and other elements where you like to share your social presence.

Your email Signature
– Just put this link at the end of your email:
Ways to connect:

or use the 'xee me' button

On Business Cards
– Next time you print business cards don't forget to add your XeeSM.
My Social Networks:




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