LinkedIn: Degraded

The question "How social are social media companies" are not new. And that LinkedIn kind of leads the less social companies isn't new either.

But this is just to sad to be funny:

"Dear valued member" – why not say "Hey – what's your face."

Or is your database so bad that you can't even pretend to be a bit social?

Now already the third question asks me to rate about my satisfaction of things that I'm not interested in. Can I just ignore it? No "You have to fill it out stupid – otherwise go away"

Now to the forth question "What information are you sharing on LinkedIn" – yes, LinkedIn is asking me what I have on their site. Hard to comment on this one without getting impolite.

Three more questions into it "Have you ever done a status update?" – Isn't it like asking your wife after 5 years marriage "Honey – did we have had a conversation?"

And on it goes. I thought social media was about knowing what's on top of your customers mind, knowing more and faster about what's going on…. Apparently not at LinkedIn

Result: Degraded as Web 1.0 software company.


LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Dear valued member,

Thank you for using LinkedIn. As one of our valued members we'd like to get your feedback on your experience with LinkedIn, and ask that you take a short survey which may take about 10 minutes to complete.

Your opinions are very important to us and will help us improve our products and services to better serve your needs.

As always your comments will be anonymous and aggregated with other responses.

The deadline to participate is 15th, June 2011 or until we receive 400 qualified responses.

Please click here to begin

If you have any questions or feedback, please direct your responses to our Customer Support team.

Warm Regards,
Brian Thome
Research Solutions Manager, LinkedIn Research Network




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