Online Advertising Shift – $120,000 for Twitter Trends

The world is rapidly shifting to social media integrated advertising. Twitter's Adam Brain explains: "Promoted Tweets offerings are auction-based while Promoted Trends now cost $120,000 per day – up from $25,000 to $30,000 at launch in April 2010"

ZDnet writes: "Great news: Promoted Trends on Twitter now cost only $120,000 per day!

The obviously surprised ZDnet journalist Stephen Chapman writes: "Yes, you read that correctly. The current cost of a Promoted Trend for a day is a whopping $120,000. For added perspective and emphasis, that’s more than the average American will make in 3-4 years… before taxes!

Think of it this way: Twitter has around 200 Million users of which an estimated 40 Million go there daily. That is 40 Million (unique) impressions and probably more like 400 Million impressions. At $120,000 that is a CPM of $0.3 to $3.33 – nothing outstanding.

Obviously for traditional media a horrendous number as their impressions dramatically decline. I couldn't even comment on the post unless I register by filling out company size and so forth on a questionnaire – because I'm a sales lead now?

I rarely go to any online New Letter because I have to wade through advertising that I have to click away before I can read anything.

It looks like more and more publications finally go online – yet the market has shifted again and the old world has a hell of a time to catch up. Will they ever catch up?



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