Social Media Guidelines – encouraging and fun

I researched many Social Media policy documents in the last 2 years and what’s interesting is the different ways companies address and define social media guidelines. I have read policies where every paragraph started with "Thou Shalt Not….; and other polices looked like more like mystery books.

Great to see many enterprises guiding their team and their social engagements in a fun and encouraging way.

EMC released a brief training video for their team, which is designed to communicate the key points of proper social engagement while not losing sight of the 'fun' side of Social Media.

The Evolution of Communication: Social Media Engagement @ EMC


Meltwater Employee Social Media Guidelines



Social Media Guidelines Help UPS Employees Protect Their Reps



For me social media guidelines are telling a lot about company culture – not only as a workspace but also for the customers.

More Social Media Guidelines in our resource center and more video clips also on our YouTube Channel



3 Replies to “Social Media Guidelines – encouraging and fun”

  1. Thanks for sharing EMC's Social Media training video with your audience! Reception from our employees has been fantastic. It's also great to see how other brands have leveraged similar approaches to communicate these important messages.
    Keep up the good work!


  2. I work for Meltwater and my team created the employee social media guidelines. Thanks very much for featuring us and these great videos from EMC and UPS too. I love seeing what other companies are doing to enable/empower their employees to get engaged in social media.
    Thanks again!
    Meltwater Group

  3. Thanks for the shout out to UPS! We felt it was important to create social media guidelines that were social and shareable. Both the Meltwater and EMC examples are terrific. We're glad to be included in your post.
    Debbie Curtis-Magley
    UPS Public Relations
    Twitter: @UPS

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