Internet World Exhibition with Social Media Boost

Tooting the horn for an event is a resource intensive and expensive way of getting the word out. With the help of friends, fans, speaker or exhibitor it is becoming much easier.

The Internet World Exhibition collaborates with Social Media Academy

The Social Media Academy team in collaboration with XeeMe built a platform and contest for Internet World Expo in Munich to help spread the word by integrating exhibitors into a wide spread social media initiative. Obviously exhibitors have a vested interest to grow the number of visitors and a huge incentive to contribute to the engagement. This is a first and everybody is excited so far: Here is how it works:

Engaging Exhibitors

Each exhibitor gets a special invitation key to invite their customers, partners, prospects and friends. But unlike in the old days, it's not an invitation from a "company" – instead it is an individual invitation by the actual people within those companies. Every person who likes to support the event gets an individual key. Teams within a company can compete for the most number of guests they won. The company can set additional incentives for their teams to engage in the invitation process.

Collective individual effort – not anonymous masses

The results of all team mates get summed up for a company achievement. Companies compete for the most connected most influential company teams. In the end we can see the most engaged company and the collective effort of their teams. Obviously the best will win a price for their engagement.

The Larger Network Effect

Now here comes the network effect. Each of the invited guests can become "Ambassadors" themselves. All they have to do is register for a unique invite key to invite their friends and contacts. The registration technology is smart enough to know where those Ambassadors came from in the first place. All the effort of those Ambassadors and maybe even the ones they won to engage, will be added to the ranking of the original inviter – the exhibitor. Six degree of separation? Well – we will see how far it can get.

Depth Of Influence

For the first time teams will learn about the depth of their influence. As registrations may come in  three, four or even more degrees down from the original invitation.

The backend technology

The technology is provided by XeeMe, a very fast growing social media application platform company. XeeMe/Engage is the technology that backs the whole campaign. It integrates Amiando's event registration system so exhibitors can get realtime data of the registration process. Everybody can see the progress of the most active Exhibitor teams and Ambassadors as registrations happen. Most of the application is built as an App on Facebook – leveraging the new Facebook App technology just introduced in Feb 2012.

On the Internet World fan page visitors can see right next to the guest registration, a Leader Board showing the ranking of most active advocates in real time. 

In case someone has no Facebook account, he or she can actually select where to register and select  on a normal website.

Again this is a first and we will see a few kinks here and there. In any case we will share results after the show here :)

If you want to help and invite your friends – Please become an Ambassador and get a chance to win. :) However you will notice, since this is a German exhibition, the whole system is by default German.




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