Monthly Archive for: ‘March, 2012’

Twitter for total idiots… and executives

I began tweeting being an executive of my former company – I remember what it was like when I started ;) If you google “how to use twitter” you’ll receive over 10 Million results.  Brilliant tips and tricks how to set it up, how to follow etc. but how should I actually make use out of Twitter was not really …

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Social Media @ Intel

Thought I’d share this video showing what market leader Intel thinks about Social Media and how they help their team to adopt and successfully use Social Media.

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Do you really think that your Social Media Strategy can work in your business without a cross functional engagement??

  If you answered yes, think twice… It is all about connecting from many to many, not from one to a few… but collaborating, communicating, expanding. Yes it is the users, consumers and fans that will define your products and your strategy ultimately. Consumerization is a reality and you will need to engage internally to accommodate. Or do you prefer …

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