How to get executives fully comprehend Social Media?

I guess you all rationalized that Social Media projects are typically difficult to close and painful to execute if executives are not well aware of the impact of Social Media to their business. The single biggest problem is that most executives do not speak your language.

Getting your or your client’s executives to understand Social Media has become for many the single biggest obstacle. Even if you have a good story, they may not trust you – but they may trust the Social Media Academy. SMACAD is trusted by executives from ADP, Dell,, SAP and many others. Based on our own experience dealing with world class executives, we created this brand new executive program: “Social Media Business Essentials” for executives and top executive consultants $395 incl. certificate

This is not about Twitter or Facebook, it is NOT about how important social media is. This is all about the strategic leverage of a medium that has a significant impact on business and society.

We built this program based on content and many discussions we had with executives over the course of the past 4 years closing and executing major social media strategy projects. As such we are not talking about why they should Social Media, nor do we explore the importance of any of the tools but exclusively focus on business impact, strategic business development, customer experience improvement, cost reduction and developing significant competitive advantages on the sales side.



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    1. Leo, yes it is 100% online. So you can participate from wherever you are. Yet there is ample Q+A time for everybody to ask questions and explore situations.

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