Pan European Social Media Effort

We blogged about this project before and I thought I give an update. For those who don’t know: The European Commission in Brussels initiated a program called “Digital Agenda Europe” and within this initiative 8 focus groups of which one is Social Media. Based on the overarching goal of a program called “Europe 2020″ we created the following objective for a Social Media Strategy proposal which we will present to the EU Commission June 21 in Brussels.



Stimulate small and medium size businesses and innovative start-ups across the EU leveraging social media to create a sustainable growth, additional jobs and being able to compete in a global market. Specifically we want to double the number of businesses, actively engaged in social media who created new jobs, year over year till 2016

Who are we?

We are a group of over 30 highly skilled and experienced Social Media Strategists (Social Media Academy Graduates) and Social Media Practitioner plus a group of over 120 engaged and motivated Social Media enthusiasts who all have a common interest: Make Europe a more stable economy and a one of the most attractive places to live and work.

Where are we?

  • We use the SMACAD based methods, models and frameworks to develop a social media strategy
  • We assembled a team of 30 experts and over 125 enthusiasts in just 3 weeks.
  • We conducted two online workshops defining our processes and objectives
  • We organized special training for social media monitoring for the entire team
  • We created structures and work models for the specific assessment project
  • We initiated an awareness campaign in parallel to our work and build a presence on several social media sites
  • We inspired over 1,800 people to like what we are doing on Facebook
  • With engagements on Twitter and other platforms we created a reach that is already close to 1,000,000 people
  • We work as transparent as possible, share all the details including reports publicly
  • We are working in parallel on assessment, strategy framework, resource and budget planning, awareness programs

How could we do this so quickly?

One of the most impressive parts of this whole project so far is the enormous speed we are moving forward. One of the main reasons that is possible is the fact that all Social Media Strategists work with the same methodologies, the same tools and have the same education. We are doing an assessment right now and the time to organize work flows and  content, collaboration procedures etc. was literally over the weekend. Each team lead know what to do, where to start, what kind of objectives to set for their respective teams. In the next 4 weeks we will document the status quo for most of the European businesses – enough information to develop a strategy that ultimately frames the whole program for the social media engagement program for European businesses.


Social Media is considered by many of the early adopter a quantum leap in our society only comparable with the industrial revolution. It must be in the interest of nations to inspire its population to learn about the new social engagement techniques and experience the advancement that can help businesses to create significant competitive advantages and a much better business experience for consumer. While supported by technology such as social networks, social media is foremost a state of mind. Social media provides a whole new way to interact, learn and work faster and more efficient than ever before and at the same time enjoy the pleasure of stronger and wider social relationships.


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