Social Media Strategy For European Union

This is a great case for a social media strategy on some of the highest levels

The EU is committed to invest Billions of Euro specifically into the digital advancement of EU Member countries and their respective businesses. The EU Commission fully comprehended that the digital infrastructure is the next most important investment of a developed nation. Clean water supplies, transportation infrastructure (Water, roads, air traffic), radio communication, and now Internet and Social Media infrastructure is the pathway to a successful and globally competitive nation.

The purpose of the Social Media Strategy Europe

Helping small and medium size businesses and innovative start-ups across Europe to leverage social media to create a sustainable growth, additional jobs and being able to compete in a global market. We want to empower 25,000 business owner in the EU to leverage social media with a measurable positive impact on their business growth which created new jobs by 2016.

Wanted: 100 Social Media Consultants

We are going to develop a pan European Social Media Strategy as part of an engagement of the EU Commission. We are seeking approximately 100 Social Media Consultants, Strategists and highly experienced Social Media Practitioner to volunteer on that project with the opportunity to later on consult businesses across Europe to evaluate, implement and grow with social media.

Methodical Engagement

The first step will be an Assessment, using the four quadrant assessment model to better understand the issues in some of the countries we will work on initially. This will give us not only important insights into the respective needs and wants of the population but also a good first step in our own project collaboration.

The Assessment will explore:

1) The current EU presence in the respective country. How approachable the EU is there and how active.
2) The needs and wants as well as the current state of social media of the population
3) The engagement level successes and failure of the  businesses in the respective country
4) The state of the biggest competition of the respective country on a global scale
The assessment will be concluded with a factual SWOT analysis

Strategy Development

Following the Assessment we will develop the actual Social Media Strategy. Also here we will follow a solid strategy framework where we cover siy major aspects of that strategy:
1) Strategic goal – A measurable goal with a clearly defined end date of the strategy
2) Mission – A short description how we want to achieve that goal
3) Benefits – We describe the benefits of all participating parties including the EU commission
4) Actions – Resulting from the above we design a program framework that can be executed in the countries and ultimately lead to the strategy goal
5) Resources – We describe resources, time tables, possible budgets and ROI for all stakeholder of the strategy
6) Reporting – Defining KPIs, tools we use to measure progress and success and reporting distribution.

Strategy Execution

The initial part of the execution is program development in accordance of the strategy and especially item 4 (Actions) of the strategy framework. Those programs will be instantiated in the respective countries and monitored by a team that specializes in monitoring across the EU. The lion share of the execution activities will be defined in the strategy model and determined by the available resources for each country.

Progress Evaluation

The whole strategy group will meet quarterly reviewing progress and success, decide on possible strategy alignments and explore ways to overcome obstacles that arose during the program.

Online Collaboration

This project is all about social media which happens online. Given our past experience with global online projects we are conducting the entire project online. That saves enormous travel expense, helps keeps our carbon foot print low and allows much faster action and reaction.

Collaboration Tools

We will use the best and most helpful tools available to us at a minimum cost. The following list is just an initial suggestion:

– Facebook Group as the single point of collaboration. Easy accessible and relatively good features
– Facebook page – public update. A window for the public to see where we are and where we are going
– SlideShare – a place to store all our project related presentations so everybody can see it and we can embed from here
– YouTube – as we will produce videos we will store the on YouTube
– Pinterest – as a host for images, videos and other visuals so we have a central image repository and maximum public visibility
– Wunderkit – An easy to use Project tool to keep track of tasks and task completeness
– Twitter – short notes, updates, news to augment our public information stream as well as feedback channel from the population
– Scoop.IT – as an information summary page collecting all project relevant information, curate it and display it on one page
– Forum – as a question and answer platform for all kinds of research
– Google+ – as an additional information channel for those users who actually prefer to get information updates via G+
– – URL shortener  with a good reporting capability
– EU Commission Forum – as a EU Commission back-channel for project updates and leadership summaries

Team Composition

We are seeking people from a mixture of EU countries i.e. economically very stable such as Germany and Sweden, some from countries with good economy but internal issues such as France or Italy, some highly challenged economies such as Spain or Greece and some from emerging economies such as Poland or Hungaria. The only requirements are a) Must be part of the EU and b) must have the network and the energy to make a mark in the country :)

The ideal project team would be 2 highly experienced social media strategists as project leads plus 4 experienced social media practitioner and 4 supporter from up to 10 countries.  That would be 10 times 10 people makes it 100.

I will continue posting about this project at the Digital Agenda EU blog If we move the blog we will do an automatic redirect.


Next Key Event

We will explore the above and decide on a going forward strategy at our upcoming   Online Strategy Meeting   Thursday May 3 – 15:00 Central European time. If you are interested to join the project in any capacity, please join the Strategy Goup on Facebook and let us know how you like to contribute.








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