Why we are still accusing “Companies” to fail – not their teams?

We all hear people saying “companies” do that or don’t do this. Companies don’t care about customers, companies don’t understand social media and on and on. I feel it would be helpful to change terminology towards the team of company X does this or fails to do that. The management of company X and so forth….

Companies are legal bodies – nothing but an entry in a register. Companies can’t use social media, but their teams can. Companies can’t create a better customer experience, but their teams can. Companies don’t ignore the changes in our society but executives may do.

This is not about semantics – it is about addressing people not walls of bricks and mortar behind teams and managers are hiding.

I believe if we change the way we address companies, the teams and managers would feel much more responsible for what is going on behind those walls. Today I can hide and say “Well, it’s how this ‘company’ works”. But if instead of the company wasting energy and polluting the air – we address the team that “the team is wasting energy and polluting the air”, woooh what a difference. If instead of the accusing a company providing a bad customer experience, we accuse the team providing a bad customer experience – again aaaarrrrrg  – that maybe ME :(

1) I wonder what we could do to make that shift in the way we communicate?
2) What would be a good approach to introduce that?
3) How could we explain the benefits? – without having an epic story like this ;)

Thanks for any thoughts



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