Private economic initiative aims to help 100,000 European companies to expand across Europe

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European business owners and managers build economy stimulation programme

Unique economic development programme from a private initiative – planning to create 2 Million jobs

Private economic initiative aims to help 100,000 European companies to expand across Europe

Europe, September 6 2012,  Economic stimulation programmes are something you would expect from government – not any more. A group of nearly 300 independent executives, business owners, and social media consultants have joined forces to give small and medium-sized businesses in Europe an unexpected helping hand to overcome their economic challenges.

This newly formed group has done extensive research via crowdsourcing and created what they call an “alternative growth strategy”, designed to help companies grow revenue by expanding their business across Europe. While low-cost producers from Asia and tech-savvy businesses from the US are expanding into Europe, the European midmarket, which is key to a stable economy, is not ready to withstand global competition. The group announced today the formation of “Digital Sunrise Europe”, which will start offering mostly free education and support services to businesses across Europe from the beginning of October 2012.

What started with a keynote presentation by Axel Schultze to the European Commission during the Digital Agenda Assembly conference in June 2012 has now taken on a life of its own. In preparation for the EC presentation, Schultze assembled a team of over 100 social media savvy volunteers to conduct research about the prevalence of social media in Europe.

DSEU - Digital Sunrise Europe - MapThe result was a surprise for the entire team. “We were looking for the status of social media in Europe and its potential to create additional jobs”, stated William Stewart, one of the founding Members of Digital Sunrise Europe and a young entrepreneur from the UK. He continued “What we found however was a surprising pattern: most European businesses produce excellent products of high quality and unique design, but the vast majority still cover only their very regional market. Despite competition from overseas, most companies don’t know how to successfully compete in foreign markets”. Instead of presenting a status report about social media in Europe, Schultze created a strategy model that will leverage social media and allow businesses to grow across Europe with very little or almost no investment.

“We were all extremely excited and started to talk about the project on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms. The response was overwhelming. In just a few weeks, we found over 1,000 people regularly supporting the idea and sharing the news with their colleagues and friends” said Berrie Pelser, another founding member of the group. Berrie continued “We made so much noise that our topic was even trending on Twitter in several countries, which means it was one of the hottest topics around at the time”. Due to the major success of this awareness campaign, the Digital Sunrise team and its many supporters have opted to give Berrie Pelser the nickname “The Buzz Master”.

Axel Schultze, the founder and leader of the DSEU initiative is planning to create 2 Million new jobs by 2016. He is preparing the organisation to support approximately 100,000 of the nearly 20 Million businesses registered in Europe. The focus is on providing free education, strategy development materials, information events and limited free consulting through a group of over 1,000 professional social media business consultants over the next four years. The majority of the funding for this project is coming from larger enterprises, like technology and communication companies, who want to enter the European midmarket.

Cees Grootes, another founding member from the Netherlands and experienced business manager in the government sector added “I guess it is important to note that we will also be working with local governments, unions and chambers of commerce, as well as local businesses and industry networks. Our modern business society has reached a level of complexity that suggests that we can’t any longer exclusively depend on government support – collaboration is the order of this decade”.

Businesses interested in getting inspired by the Digital Sunrise team can register on their website at and get access to a variety of information, strategy templates and information events.

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News: European business owners and managers build economy stimulation programme for mid market #DSEU

Unique economic development programme from a private initiative – planning to create 2 Million jobs #DSEU

Private economic initiative aims to help 100,000 European companies to expand across Europe #DSEU

Digital Sunrise Europe, an alternative growth program for SMEs officially launched today.  #DSEU

Businesses interested in getting inspired by the Digital Sunrise team can register for free membership #DSEU

300 executives, business owners, social media consultants joined forces, helping small/med biz in EU grow #DSEU

Digital Sunrise crowdsourced research, developed alternative growth strategy for EU businesses. #DSEU

Digital Sunrise is looking for social media savvy consultants and volunteers helping businesses grow  #DSEU

Digital Sunrise researcher @Billy_Stewart: Small/med biz in Europe not prepared for global competition. #DSEU

Digital Sunrise member @Analyticus : #DSEU will also collaborate with governments, chambers, unions…



About Digital Sunrise Europe

Digital Sunrise Europe is an independent Pan European initiative organized by close to 300 executives, business owners, business sponsors and social media savvy business consultants motivated by the idea to make some significant contributions to a sustainable and economically more stable Europe. The overarching objective is:

Helping small and medium-sized enterprises generate incremental revenue by expanding their businesses across the EU, at a fraction of traditional costs by leveraging Social Media as an alternative growth strategy and creating 2 Million jobs by 2016

 The group volunteers to help businesses by providing free education, information events, strategy examples, guidelines, templates, networking opportunities, research and a reasonable amount of support in creating an expansion strategy at very little or no cost. Over the next four years, the group is set to help hundreds of thousands of the 20 Million registered businesses across Europe to expand and create on average 20 additional jobs per company.

While all Digital Sunrise team members are volunteers the team is also seeing a benefit in volunteering by gaining experience and reputation and growing their own respective businesses as a result. Digital Sunrise Europe is currently a consortium of independent businesses and will form its own legal entity by end of October 2012. and the entire social presence at

. .

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More information can be found on

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Hungaria  | Attila Herczeg

Italy | Marco Fabbri

Netherlands | Cees Grootes

Malta  | Irene Kimmel

Sweden | Mette Rehnstrom

Spain | Josep Claret

United Kingdom | William Stewart

International   |  Marita Roebkes

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Berrie Pelser

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Social Media Monitoring Program
Marita Roebkes

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Jorgen Poulsen

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Cees Grootes

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Detlev Artelt

Service delivery program & Starter Pack
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