Social Media Academy now Society3 Academy

When we started in 2008, we were the first Social Media Academy and did not expect so many others following us. Today we count roughly 25 different “Social Media Academies”. Since it is a generic term, we were not able to file a trademark and so we decided to give the institute a more distinguishable name: S3 Social Media Academy


Origin of the name

After the inception of our early form of a society back in ancient Egypt, humanity developed gradually and grew with only little evolutionary advancements. Preservation and transportation of knowledge was one of the most critical things in this early society to be able to advance. The first major and revolutionary advancement happened when Gutenberg invented the printing press and enabled an explosion of knowledge dissemination. Advancements of mankind grew rapidly. The second major enhancement happened during the industrial revolution. People formed closely collaborating groups producing goods on one place. And again knowledge distribution accelerated by order of magnitude. Any step in the production chain could be followed from start to finish, mistakes could be instantly corrected and products could be mass produced at a cost and in a time like never before. While the steam engine was a key technology – it was the organizational concept of collaborating in a company that sparked the second explosion of knowledge. Now the third major enhancement is enabled by Social Media. Today anybody can work with everybody in a virtual environmental with no time lack, no travel and no physical limitations. Any conceivable information is instantly and typically freely available and immediately accessible. And our collaboration space has expand to be the world, connected by the Internet and is no longer limited by a manufacturing building. This third evolutionary step of knowledge and influence dissemination in our Society is the origin of our company name.


S3 Social Media Academy

The institute evolved to become the most respected Social Media education provider world wide. In the first 4 years more than 5,000 attendees from 35 countries attended the various education and training offerings. What started with classes for Social Media consultants evolved to a global provider for corporate team education including training for indirect channel partners.


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