Subsequent surveys and studies have led only to simple

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fausse canada goose pas cher The 65m tall Minaret of Jam is a graceful, soaring structure, dating back to the 12th century. Covered in elaborate brickwork with a Pas Cher Canada Goose blue tile inscription at the top, it is noteworthy for the quality of its architecture and decoration, which represent the culmination of an architectural and artistic tradition in this region. Its impact is heightened by its dramatic setting, a deep river valley between towering mountains in the heart of the Ghur province. fausse canada goose pas cher

Haut de 65m, le minaret de Djam est une construction gracieuse et élancée datant du XIIe siècle. Recouvert d’une décoration complexe en briques Doudoune Canada Goose et portant une inscription de tuiles bleues au sommet, il est remarquable par la qualité de son architecture et de ses motifs décoratifs, qui représentent l’apogée d’une tradition artistique propre à cette région. Son impact est renforcé par un environnement spectaculaire : une vallée profonde qui s’ouvre entre d’imposantes montagnes au cur de la province du Ghor.

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canada goose solde Con sus 65 metros de altura, el minarete de Jam es una construccin esbelta y llena de gracia que data del siglo XII. Se distingue por la compleja decoracin con ladrillo de sus paredes, rematada en la cspide por una franja de cermica azul con una inscripcin. La calidad de su arquitectura y ornamentacin es una muestra del apogeo de la tradicin artstica de la regin. La belleza del sitio se ve realzada por su entorno espectacular: un profundo valle de imponentes laderas montaosas, situado en el centro de la provincia de Ghor. canada goose solde

Doudoune Canada Goose Pas Cher Minaret en archeologische overblijfselen van Jam Doudoune Canada Goose Pas Cher

canada goose femme De 65 meter hoge Minaret van Jam dateert uit de 12e eeuw. De sierlijke, de lucht in rijzende toren wordt bedekt door kunstig metselwerk en bovenin staat een inscriptie van blauwe tegels. De minaret is noemenswaardig vanwege de kwaliteit van zowel de architectuur van de toren als de erop aangebrachte decoraties. Hierdoor vormt de Minaret van Jam een hoogtepunt van architecturale en artistieke traditie in deze regio. De toren bevindt zich in een diepliggende riviervallei, omringd door de hoge bergen van de provincie Ghor. Rising to 65m from a 9m diameter octagonal base, its four superimposed, tapering cylindrical shafts are constructed from fired bricks. The Minaret is completely covered with geometric decoration in relief enhanced with a Kufic inscription in turquoise tiles. Built in 1194 by the great Ghurid Sultan Ghiyas od din (1153 1203), its emplacement probably marks the site of the ancient city of Firuzkuh, believed to have been the summer capital of the Doudoune Canada Goose Pas Cher Ghurid dynasty. Surrounding remains include a group of stones with Hebrew inscriptions from the 11th to 12th centuries on Canada Goose Pas Cher the Kushkak hill, and vestiges of castles and towers of the Ghurid settlements on the banks of the Hari River as well as to the east of the Minaret. canada goose femme

canada goose france The Minaret of Jam is one of the few well preserved monuments representing the exceptional artistic creativity and mastery of structural engineering of the time. Its architecture and ornamentation are outstanding from the point of view of art history, fusing together elements from earlier developments in the region in an exceptional way and exerting a strong influence on later architecture in the region. This graceful soaring structure is an outstanding example of the architecture and ornamentation of the Islamic period in Central Asia and played a significant role in their further dissemination as far as India as demonstrated by the Qutb Minar, Delhi, begun in 1202 and completed in the early 14th century. canada goose france

canada goose outlet france Criterion (ii): The innovative architecture and decoration of the Minaret of Jam played a significant role in the development of the arts and architecture of the Indian sub continent and beyond. canada goose outlet france

canada goose pas cher Criterion (iii): The Minaret of Jam and its associated archaeological remains constitute exceptional testimony to the power and quality of the Ghurid civilization that dominated the region in the 12th and 13th centuries. The archaeological vestiges were surveyed and recorded in 1957 when the remains were first discovered by archaeologists. Subsequent surveys and studies have led only to simple precautionary stabilization measures to the base of the Minaret. The Minaret has always been recognised as a genuine architectural and decorative masterpiece by the experts and an artistic chef d’oeuvre by the aesthetes. Its monumental Kufic inscriptions testify to the remote and glorious origin of its builders as well as giving evidence to its early dating (1194). The specific law under which the monument and its landscape are protected is the Law on the Protection of Historical and Cultural Properties (Ministry of Justice, 21 May 2004) which is in force and provides the basis for financial and technical resources. canada goose pas cher

canada goose homme The property will be removed from the List of World Heritage in Danger when its desired state of conservation is achieved in accordance with Decision 31 COM 7A.20. This must include the increased capacity of the staff of the Afghan Ministry of Culture and Information who are in charge of the preservation of the property; precise identification of the World Heritage property and clearly marked boundaries and buffer zones; assurance of the long term stability and conservation of the Minaret; assurance of site security, and a comprehensive management system including the development and implementation of a long term conservation policy. canada goose homme

Canada Goose Homme Solde Proposals for the protection of the Minaret and its environs are under scientific discussion. They would seek to monitor erosion of the riverbanks adjacent to the Minaret, any further movement in the level of inclination of the monument along with any degradation in the historic fabric in general, and mitigate any adverse observations with appropriate programs of stabilization and conservation measures where necessary. Measures for the protection and monitoring of the wider archaeological site are currently under review and an approved program of research and public awareness raising is likely to be instigated in the long term Canada Goose Homme Solde.

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