Buzz, Knights and the noble way to advertise

Knights-couple-250Stop bragging – instead let others mention and recommend you. That’s the spirit of Buzz Marketing.

The New Way To Advertise

To do this right, we created the concept of Buzz Knights. A buzz Knight is a highly connected, highly influential networker with a large following. Once the Knight involves his or her Warriors into a Buzz campaign it spreads quickly.

The S3 Buzz Knights

However there must be a reward for the Knight to send his or her Warriors into a Buzz. And as such the Knights get credits for every single action any of their Warriors are performing. It may actually be that Knights are not doing anything other than putting their Warriors to work and receiving quite a chunk of rewards (credits). For instance: If a Knight has 50 Warriors and each Warrior performs 5 Buzz actions, each of the Warriors may make lets say 2,500 credits for the support. The Knight however is getting 100 credits from 5 times 50 actions which is 25,000 credits without doing anything other than motivating the Warriors.


The number of Knights a Buzz Master can have is limited to 10 right now. And the number of Warriors is limited to 75. And also one Knight can be only with 5 Masters at a time.  On the first glance this seem to be very limiting to a Buzz initiative. But only the direct ecosystem is limited. But each of the 10 Buzz Knights can have 10 Knights in their League and they can have 10 and so forth. Following the theory of being connected to anybody after six degrees of separation, An S3-Buzz can theoretically reach anybody in the social web, 1,3 Billion people today.

Management… means getting things done through other people

If a Buzz Master does everything himself, or only through his or her directly connected Warriors, he or she is obviously limiting the reach and the success of a Buzz. And it shows, when the number of Knights Rewards stay low. The Knights Rewards are a critical factor in the Buzz Success and Buzz Masters and Knights will want to carefully plan their Buzz Network in order to maximize the rewards they can get.

Buzz Knighthood

1) Make sure you get invited by powerful and highly active Buzz Masters. Only if a Buzz Master is very active, you get to participate in many Buzz initiatives. Be selective as you can join only 5 Masters at a time.

2) Make sure you have highly active and committed Warriors in your team (League). If the Warriors not active, you won’t get very far with the Buzz initiatives you are joining from your masters.

3) In order to make sure your Warriors are actually coming through with the respective Buzz campaigns, check the “Buzz Supporter” overview and see who is active and who is not. Ask your Warriors how you can help and if they have no time or are not active, gently phase them out. Warriors are very important to your success. So don’t just hire and fire them – make sure they are motivated and learn from them what is motivating and what not.



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