Buzz Update – Public Beta 1.1

Quick update about some of the fixes, changes, enhancements

1) Bug Fixes

We fixed most of the known bugs such as Gold Credit reports not working, warrior invitation not working and so forth.

Also the PayPal transaction for Gold Credits is returning users to the correct page. You can now turn the cash credits you purchased into GOLD or BLUE credits.


2) Buzz Booster

We finalized the Buzz Booster. It allows a Buzz Master to create a Buzz with twice as many rewards per mention / buzz action. If you turn the Buzz Booster on, user will like it!!! Obviously it will be twice as expensive.


3) Mega Buzz Ready for testing

When Mega Buzz is turned on, the respective Buzz will show up on ALL XeeMe from all users. As we said, Buzz is the new Advertising. And as such we leverage the XeeMe Platform to expand our Buzz Reach.

VIP Members will be excluded from Mega Buzz listing. If you don’t want your XeeMe to have a Buzz on it, please upgrade to a VIP edition.

In the current version Mega Buzz is only available to VIP users and is free for now. We will charge for it and it will be expensive in the future.


4) Usage of Gold Credits

Gold credits can be used to run commercial buzz campaigns, upgrade your XeeMe to VIP Edition, purchase some of the XeeMe merchandise which we will introduce any soon, trading it into perks and other things. PLEASE NOTE: We do not run “paid tweets” or “paid posts”. At the present you would not be able to trade Gold Credits into cash. The only exceptions are Society3 authorized Business Partners, where we use Gold Credits to calculate the commission for selling Buzz Subscriptions.


5) Expanding Business Partner Network

Once Buzz is going out of Beta in August, we will be expanding our partner network. Please get in touch with Marita Roebkes if you are interested in becoming a business partner and selling buzz campaigns.


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