Participants in the study were 14 years old on average and

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Fake Hermes handbags Joshua Samuels of the McGovern Medical School at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston.”White adolescents also saw dramatic increases in blood pressure with obesity four times higher but there were fewer obese white children affected,” Samuels said by email.Participants in the study were 14 years old on average and ranged in age from 10 to 19. Data were collected from 2000 to 2015.About 23 percent of Hispanic youth were obese, as were 21 percent of black students, 13 percent of white adolescents and 10 percent of Asian participants.Black students had the highest prevalence of high blood pressure among normal weight and overweight study participants. But among obese participants, black youth had the lowest rates of hypertension.At the same time, researchers found a disproportionate increase in the prevalence of high blood pressure for obese Hispanic and white teens.Compared to normal weight Hispanic youth, their obese peers were 5.8 times more likely to have hypertension and their overweight counterparts were 2.2 times more likely, the study found.Obese white teens were 4.1 times more likely to have high blood pressure than their normal weight peers, while obese black youth had 2.3 times the risk encountered by their normal weight counterparts.The study isn’t a controlled experiment designed to prove that obesity causes hypertension, and it excluded youth who were taking medication to control their blood pressure Fake Hermes handbags.

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