Society3’s new S3-Buzz Software replaces conventional marketing with Customer Voice


Society3’s new S3-Buzz Software harnesses Customer Voice to reach into new markets, increase revenue.

S3-Buzz Software now puts the power of Consumer Voice into the hands of savvy business marketers.

Sep. Canotte Basket 10, 2013SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, Calif.For survival in a competitive marketplace, agile businesses recognize the importance of incorporating the customer voice into their marketing strategies to amplify messaging, reach and revenue.

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  • S3-Buzz Software now puts the power of Customer Voice into the hands of savvy business marketers.

    When consumer social influence overpowers corporate advertising, businesses need to find innovative ways to reach and win the loyalty of new customers. nike air max heren Society3 recognized the need to utilize the power of the new consumer voice and developed a software solution to help corporate marketing teams stimulate and amplify customer conversation across the Internet. Georgia Bulldogs Case studies show Customer Voice Driven Marketing has the capability of achieving up to 7000 mentions per day with a reach of up to 100 million engaged consumers.


    “We have carefully studied customer behavior and buzz dynamics over the past two years and created a product that helps business teams stimulate social mentions and recommendations and then amplify them across the Internet with very high velocity.” Said Axel Schultze, CEO of Society3.

    Smart businesses are leveraging the effects of the customer voice by stimulating mentions and conversations. It’s long been held that consumer reviews have far more weight in the mind of the customer than traditional marketing messages. nike air max 1 ultra moire donna Harnessing customer voice is key to the growth and revenue of every business. For survival in a competitive marketplace, agile businesses will recognize the importance of incorporating the customer voice into their marketing strategies to amplify messaging.

    Chuck Jones of Knoxville, TN based Parking lot Striping and Sealing company AAA Stripe Pro,an S3-Buzz customer said: “It was amazing to watch how fast the number of visitors to our site has grown, literally over night. We spent plenty of money on Internet advertising and listings in the past, but S3-Buzz has outperformed all of these methods of promotions”.

    S3-Buzz Software features 3 components intensely tested over the course of 200 Buzz campaigns

    • Velocity: Unlike traditional word of mouth or a traditional promotional campaign, S3-Buzz spreads almost instantly and can reach thousands within a matter of hours.

    • Mentions: Customers are happy to share their opinion and with a little encouragement from brands, hundreds of customers spread the word within 24 hours.

    • Reach: Due to the networked nature of the social web, sharing and amplifying mentions and recommendations provides a much higher reach than traditional advertising. S3-Buzz campaigns can reach up to 10-times more consumers than conventional campaigns with the traditional media.

    Berrie Pelser from BerArt, an European partner and Buzz Master from the 2012 Digital Agenda Conference of the European Commission said, “The DA12 conference was a proving ground for S3-Buzz Software. We tested the software side-by-side against a well-crafted business process and traditional messaging tools and found stunning results with S3-Buzz. We created a reach of nearly 100 Million and were trending on Twitter in several countries within hours.”

    S3 Buzz is designed to help businesses promote events, introduce new products, acquire new talent and improve their brand reputation with the help of loyal advocates using their own customer voice and a tool that makes it very easy to spread the word in a matter of hours.

    S3-Buzz is now available for purchase, more information can be found on

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    Society3 is a Buzz Marketing Technology provider, helping businesses grow their respective number of public mentions and market reach. The unique Buzz technology empowers Society3 customers to instantly create awareness and customer engagement for their brand, products, events and other initiatives. Chaussures Nike Pas Cher Society3 is working with a rapidly growing network of business partners and agencies around the world. Air Jordan 1 For Kids Society3 Group Inc is a San Francisco based privately held company. More information: or call +1 (650) 384-0057 Connect with Society3


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