CXM 2017 – the greatest opportunities for CMOs

0a20818[1]Is Customer Experience Management going to be a responsibility of tomorrows CMO?

As most of you know, I’m passionate about Customer Experience and run the largest Customer Experience Management Group on LinkedIn. In my endorsements you find acronyms like “Marketing Machine” or the marketing Mastermind behind the company etc. And while not a CMO I’m a member of the CMO Council. Any connection with one and the other? Absolutely. The CMO is a company’s best bet to get customer experience in line with brand awareness and brand perception, driving demand for sales and direct support to do what needs to be done.

Over the past years CMOs have become data junkies and they are pushed farther and farther into that rat hole. At one day they know absolutely everything about every human being on the planet except one thing: “What to do with all the intel”? You hear it almost every day that our world is changing, customers are changing, buying pattern are changing… and its correlating data… are changing too. Do you see the dilemma?

1) 80% of purchase decisions in B2B or B2C are made based on mentions and recommendations.

The opportunity is to stimulate those mentions and recommendations and raise the noise level around the brand – rather than trying to avoid any brand discussions, fearing they could be negative.


2) Most businesses, still today, have no other market feedback mechanism than surveys which most customers don’t like. Even worst, most of the results remain unused.

The opportunity is to leverage instant online feedback and create a fast product alignment with market needs in near real time accelerating the time to market over the competition.


3) Email marketing and advertising go rather unrecognized due to an overwhelming brand noise every day. Like people living at a train station no longer hear the train.

The opportunity is to move from a conventional and no longer digestible corporate messaging model to a user voice amplification to grow product and brand awareness and receive an additional boost of authenticity in the message.

Now if you look at the above you will notice that the user voice is by far the most influential force in purchase decisions and growing revenue. The consequence is to stimulate positive user voice at almost any cost.  But interestingly enough this isn’t all about money. You really cant “buy” positive feedback; it is about creating a customer experience that breeds positive feedback on its own.  This leads almost automatically to a customer experience centric go-to-market strategy. And to put this together – again – the future CMO is the most likely the one who can and will do it.

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With some clicks you contribute to what others think and stimulate the market with more impact than any brand can ever create.




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Buzz Campaign – A case study

Businesses of all sizes have the same challenge: How to get more people talk about their brand, products, or events. No this is not really new. What is new though, is the fact that today approximately 80% of all purchase decisions are based on mentions and recommendations. Also roughly 80% of event attendees  join any given event based on mentions and recommendations. And there is no difference between B2B or B2C. Growing mentions and recommendations are now becoming strategic objectives for today’s marketing engagement.

Case Study OpenStack Conference

Cloud computing with open source technology isn’t exactly a consumer topic and it isn’t really sexy either. The job was to stimulate discussions and outbuzz everybody. Easier said than done because there are industry heavyweights like HP and Rackspace competing for attention and mind share as well. And a competing event, organized by 800 pound gorilla Amazon was already introduces as “Cloud War” by the tech press. The Redhat team however was equipped with the new S3 Buzz Technology that was created to stimulate massive engagement in a way that was not possible before. The new technology allows its users to disseminate short tweet size text blocks to business friends, partners and customers with the goal to share those and stimulate conversations. Friends of friends of friends can obviously respond, comment and share it further with others. Everything with a push of a button and a robust management system with analytics to manage the progress of the campaign in real time. With a very agile partner organization that has already


been motivated to engage online, mentions and reach grew instantly


and rapidly. On the second conference day the discussions reached the „Top News“ status on Twitter and conventional media reported „Redhat steals the show at OpenStack Summit…“.


What exactly happened?
Within only three days we created over 100 pieces of content based on known presentations, known speaker and topics and formed them to 140 character long information snippets, ready to communicate. The content was entered into the S3 Buzz System. Every partner and friend of the company as well as speakers and sponsors had access to the Buzz page and could share the content easily with their network, with a single click. The mostly highly interesting content was quickly picked up by others and re-shared. While the conference was in full swing, we communicated live by introducing the current speakers, what they present and also reactions from the audience. The short and fast content distribution was easy to read and easy to follow. Business partners and buzz teams where in stand by for new content and actually provided a never ending information stream throughout the day. Intrigued IT professionals from around the world picked up the news stream on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ and began to ask questions, provided comments and shared the info with their network. In just a few hours over 5,000 people outside the conference were involved in topics and conversations. Obviously, partner and buzz team was busy to engage, respond or re-rout questions to the respective experts all in real time.


The conference made history. Not only with the participating parties, but it was a proof of concept for the effectiveness of Buzz campaigns and its ability to reach markets like no other media. After day 2 the conference had a reach of nearly 30 Million.


Buzz campaigns evolve to a strategic marketing tool that is capable of improving sales productivity by allowing sales teams to point to the customer voice instead of bluntly promoting the product themselves. Brand reputation is taking an all new height when a market is no longer discussing only problems but sharing exciting news and participating in conversations around the world. Compared to conventional awareness creation marketing, Buzz creates real customer engagement with a positive long term effect to brand sentiments and brand reputation. More details are presented at the upcoming webinar Nov 19.



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S3 Buzz!™

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America’s Innovation Showcase is a new, cutting-edge event that stimulates creativity and company innovation by immersing attendees in a live snapshot of the most significant trends and innovations of today.

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Buzz is no longer a mystic art but a professional way to integrate the market into a businesses communication mix.

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Best Western: how customer experience and telling stories will grow your business – Econsultancy (blog)

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