Manning is going to miss quite a bit about football

Peyton Manning is going to miss quite a bit about football. Here are some he listed during his retirement news conference:Manning talked about the struggles of his rookie season, when Indianapolis went to Baltimore the Colts former home and lost. Unitas shook his hand after the game and told Manning he was rooting for him.Manning said that the words of Unitas, who died in 2002, stayed with him.”I hope he knows that I stayed at it, and I hope he’s a little proud of me,” Manning said is starting off his retirement comments.Broncos coach Gary Kubiak says he’s only coached Peyton Manning for nine months “but I’ll remember it for a lifetime.”Speaking after executive John Elway paid tribute to Manning’s four seasons in Denver, Kubiak said he’s spent 17 seasons trying to beat Manning and he “wasn’t very successful.”He also told a story about how he had several private meetings with Manning after Week 9 as he came back from injury.

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