SMACAD Partner Program

Participating in the S3 Social Media Academy Success

Referral ProgramAs an alumni and friend of the Academy you may want to benefit from the success and earn some commission if you refer business partners, customers or friends. Please download the complete program.

You will need to have a PayPal and an Eventbrite account. Eventbrite will create a unique link for each program for you. You will find the list below.

For your friends, customers and other contacts from larger organizations, the class brochure may be helpful to share it internally and get the business fund it.

Referral Link Request

Please request a Unique Referral Link for each of the current programs:




For Certified Social Media Strategist Program Fall 2012 (US / Europe):

For Certified Social Media Strategist Program Fall 2012 (APAC / Australia):


Some additional Artwork

Some buttons you may want to use:

Your Sales Control Panel

You have real time overview of all the referral sales you are making.

Partner Sales Console

If you have any questions please call us:

US: +1 (650) 384-0057

EU: +49 (30) 2023.8748


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