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Axel Schultze is a frequent speaker on conferences around the world. He held keynotes in Australia, Europe and the United States. Here you find all speaker details for your event:

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Intro – Axel Schultze

With over 8 years experience he was quoted one of the founding fathers of Social Media. He was one of the  Alpha users of LinkedIn and an adviser to one of their founders in 2003, he helped several CEOs in Silicon Valley to build their social media strategies and six years later founded the S3 Social Media Academy based on that experience. Axel is considered one of the top Social Media strategists and works mostly on enterprise and government level projects in the US, Europe and Australia. He consulted or provided education to some of the largest companies in the world, and one of his graduates is director Social Media for the Obama 2012 campaign.


BIO – Axel Schultze (English)

With eight years enterprise and government level Social Media engagements, Axel Schultze is considered one of the most experienced Social Media strategists in the world, which lead to establishing the international S3 Social Media Academy in 2008.  Schultze was one of the Alpha users of LinkedIn in 2003 and an adviser to one of LinkedIn’s co-founders. His thought-leadership is currently used to create a pan European Social Media initiative with the objective to inspire small/medium enterprises to grow their revenue by leveraging Social Media and create 2 Million jobs by 2016. Recent keynote speaker engagements have been in the US, Europe and Australia helping various industry leaders getting executive level insight in the impact of social media on businesses and society. He is a published author and winner of the SF Entrepreneur Award 2008.

Axel Schultze is a well respected serial entrepreneur in Silicon Valley and Europe. He is CEO and founder of  Society3 Corp, the mother company of XeeMe a social presence management software company, the S3 Social Media Academy and the Social Business Consulting Group, a global Social Media consulting firm. Before that he was founder and CEO of Silicon Valley based BlueRoads, one of the most successful Channel Management Software companies, Infinigate one of the largest Internet Security provider in Europe, (today $200 Million in revenue) and Computer 2000, the most successful European computer distributor, which grew to $5 Billion in revenue and merged with TechData.


BIO – Axel Schultze (Deutsch)

Mit 8 Jahren Social Media Erfahrung aus Enterprise und Oeffentlichem Sektor zaehlt Axel Schultze zu den erfahrensten Social Media Strategen weltweit. Diese Erfahrung fuehrte auch zur Gruendung der S3 Social Media Academy in 2008.  Schultze war einer der Alpha Anwender von LinkedIn in 2003 und Adviser zu eiem der LinkedIn Co-founder. Seine Vordenkerschaft zeigt er derzeit in einer pan Europaeischen Social Media Initiative mit dem Ziel mittelstaendische Unternehmen in ganz Europa zu Wachstum zu verhelfen und deren Produkte und Services mittels Social Media europaweit zu vermarkten und so ca. 2 Million neue Arbeitsplaetze bis 2016 zu schaffen. Er war Keynote sprecher in den US, Europe and Australia mit dem Ziel Industrie Managern den Impact  von Social Media auf die Geschaeftswelt und unsere Gesellschaft zu geben. Er ist ein Buch Autor und Gewinner des SF Entrepreneur Awards 2008.

Axel Schultze ist ein respektierter Entrepreneur in Silicon Valley und Europe. Er ist Gruender und CEO der Society3 Corp, die Muttergesellschaft von XeeMe, einer Social Presenz Management Software Firma, der S3 Social Media Academy und der Social Business Consulting Group, eine global agierende Social Media Consulting firma. Davor war er Gruender und CEO von Silicon Valley basierender BlueRoads, eine der erfolgreichsten Channel Management Software firmen, davor Gruender und CEO von Infinigate eines der groessten Internet Security Anbieter in Europe, und Computer 2000, der erfolgreichste europaeische Computer Distributor, der zu 5 Milliarden Umsatz wuchs und TechData gemerged hatte.


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