Black Diamonds

  Black Diamonds

The Black Diamonds are certified social media strategists who take social media way beyond the marketing aspect. Black Diamonds are trained and active practitioner of a holistic, cross functional strategy model for business. Black Diamonds follow a methodical approach, conduct an assessment, develop a strategy and then help businesses to implement and / or manage social media in the service department, product management, engineering, HR, administration, sales and of course also in marketing. Objective driven engagements paired with the necessary analytics and reporting tools are the foundation for a measurable success.



rmm_photo_bigger Mark Moore
Company:ChickenFox, LLC
Atlanta, GA 30341 – USA

Industry Expertise:
Telecommunications, Insurance, Healthcare, Software

Subject Matter Expertise:
Human Resources, Learning and Development, Technology Based Learning

Service Portfolio:
Social Media for HR functions; Learning Strategy Consulting; e-Learning Design and Development; Learning Management

Adamson-184X184_bigger Walter Adamson
Company: S3 Social Media Academy Australia
Melbourne, Australia 3000 – Australia
+61 403 345 632

Industry Expertise:
Corporate & Government, technology, software, media

Subject Matter Expertise:
Marketing, branding, business process development, IT strategy

Service Portfolio:
Social Media for business, marketing, business strategies.

Barbara_s_Twitter_Photo._bigger Barbara Daniels
Company: Caffe Social Media
a division of The Caffe Publishing Group, LLC
Mesa, Arizona – USA
+1 (623) 399-4940

Industry Expertise:
Finance, Publishing, Online Media

Subject Matter Expertise:
Assessment, branding, business strategy,
and relationship-based marketing

Service Portfolio:
Applied Social Media for business: branding,
assessment and strategic engagements

Wendy-bigger Wendy Soucie
Company: Wendy Soucie Consulting, LLC
Lodi, Wisconsin – USA
+1 608-225-1985

Industry Expertise:
Manufacturing, Technology, Professional Services, Marketing/Advertising Agency

Subject Matter Expertise:
Sales, Business Development, Marketing, CRM, Assessments, Internet Strategy, Branding, e-Reputation Management, Training

Service Portfolio:
Assessments, Internet marketing strategy, applied social media for business, social media guidance and coaching, profile management, social media tool training

portrait-csherwood Catherine Sherwood
Company: Catherine Sherwood | Real Communications
Albuquerque, NM / Nationwide – USA

Industry Expertise:
B2B Industry Expertise includes Financial Services, Software, Publishing , Online Content

Subject Matter Expertise:
Social Media, Strategic Marketing, Product Strategy

Service Portfolio:
Social media assessments, strategy, implementation plans, measurements and monitoring. Social media training and guidance.

About the Black Diamonds
An inferior dark diamond used in industry for drilling and polishing because they are the strongest. Ski slopes graded as Black Diamonds or Double Diamonds are the most difficult slopes and intended for experts only.

The Social Media Black Diamonds are amongst the best educated and most experienced social media practitioner. Business focused and cross functional engagement strategists that help business leaders drilling into the most important details and polishing teams and processes for a better customer experience, a more social business. One of the the toughest to compete with.

Black Diamonds need to be S3 Social Media Academy Certified Strategists (Leadership Class graduates) and prove themselves as active practitioner in the social media field. Black Diamonds apply the S3 Social Media Academy Methodology Framework and stand for a consistent and best practices based social media engagement. All Black Diamonds collaborate around the world and consistently improve the methodology set to provide the best and most cost efficient social media engagement to small, medium and large businesses.

Available Industry Expertise
Financial Services
High Tech



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