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Market Relations Manager

The Social Business Management Group, mother organization of the S3 Social Media Academy and Social Media Tools Week) is looking for an agile and highly connected Market Relations Manager. This is a textbook social media job. We don't use email blasts, we don't do traditional advertising, we don't automate tweets or autofollow the rest of the world. We believe in networked relationship building and believe in tools that help us to maintain more and stronger relationships than ever before. We believe that business friends and advocates can help us be more successful than any TV spot ever will. We believe that with the best people we can build the best and most valuable relationships. We are known for delivering top of the class value to all our customers – and we do it through people.






Your primary job:

  • Develop relationships with our technology partners, customers and market influencer
  • Organize parties – yes, lets have more fun all together
  • Chat with our fans, customers, students, prospects all day long
  • Know when our customers and prospects need some help and where to get it
  • Talk to technology companies when we organize an event and see if they want to join
  • Talk to business managers and see if they like to attend the Academy
  • Talk to people who are relevant to us or we are relevant to them
  • All together:  talk to people (phone, in person, online – any way)


Credentials and experience we are looking for:

  • A highly agile person, very well connected in the social web world
  • You have a very well established presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, a blog…
  • Your network has a high reach and social media relevant connections
  • You are a natural network talent with demonstrable social skills
  • Your online presence shows a high degree of networking and communication kills
  • And your personality fits into our company culture
  • A business background in marketing or sales would be great – but not required



  • San Francisco Bay Area / Palo Alto


(Please: no resumes – instead check our hiring process below)

Hiring Process

1) Please share your social presence
The easiest way is to create a Xeesm (it's free) and helps us to find you in the social web.

2) Get to know us
Please touch base with Marita. Connect with us in the social web and get a feel for the team.
Tweet with us so we get to know each other.

3) Do something cool
Create an introductory video clips where you tell us what excites you about our organization.

4) Interviews ?
After all the above you probably know us and we know you better than through any "formal" interview. At this point, let's rather grab a cup of coffee and chat about the future.

Once we decided to work together:
1) You will dive in right away – we train you on the go
2) You will get a scholarship at the S3 Social Media Academy's Social Business Masters Class starting May 18


If you have any questions feel free to call us (650) 384 0057



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