Enterprise Level Social Media Research
Evolving with the fast moving space of social media

Enterprise Social Media Assessment
In order to develop a successful social media strategy, managers and executives need to assess the status quo of their respective organization. Once it is understood where customers engage in the social web, what their concerns are and what they are interested in, it is important to understand what the actual position of the company and its team members is. Then businesses need to understand their current partner ecosystem and their social engagements and finally get an idea how their competitors fight for customer mind share. Based on the so called four quadrant assessment method a company can develop a strategy where to go from here. SMACAD provides research to enterprises to identify their respective position in the social web.

Social Media ROI Calculation
Unlike the typical marketing ROI, where the return is measured in leads, eyeballs or other intangible values while the investment is entered in a currency, it was our objective to calculate an ROI where we have both INVESTMENT and RETURN in the same currency. The model needed to be mathematical compatible to: Financial ROI = measuring the investment in a given currency and compare it with the corresponding profitability or margin in the same currency. Dollars on both sides of the equation!

Corporate Research Projects
The S3 Social Media Academy is helping corporations on a variety of company specific research such as market analysis for their specific market, audits, social media policy development, customer engagement research and other company specific requirements.

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