Webinar Q+A Assessment Case Study July/22

Q: I recently put my business on Twitter. I work for a hotel and the Brand in general does not have a page but individual properties do. Yesterday I received tons of messages and tweets about how angry this customer was at a different property but because we have the same brand name we were guilty by association. How do we address this?
A: I suggest you introduce that customer to the respective manager of the hotel and at the same time explain how the business is structured. You help the customer get to a person and the rest of the community to understand the connection. Offer your help if the customer needs it regardless of the responsibilities – like you said “Guilty by association”.

Q: How did you select the tools, did you conduct any thorough testing? Are there any other tools you suggest?
A: To be honest, we selected the tools based on how easy and well the companies responded. The market is in a very early stage. It was more important that the vendors are “social” as well not just a bunch of hackers with no connection to the outside world. Please check our Tools Week page on our website for more tool.

Q: How much of the assessment effort happened via the tools and how much was an additional manual effort?
A: Tools always run in a short period of time and the “brain work” is the lion share of the work. If you’d ask how much time was the ratio without tools, I’d say 80% data research and 20% intelligent analytics work. Now it is 2% system and 98% brain work.

Q: Can you make some rough price indications?
A: It may range from $2,500 to over $100,000 is that enough indication? The cost is pretty linear to the size of your eco system – mainly equates to company size as well. You may find people doing it for $295 – and as always you get what you pay for.

Q: Do you offer a class specifically for conducting assessments?
A: Interesting question. Not really. After thinking a bit more about your question: Even so the assessment is only the first step in a series, you need to see the whole picture. In the class the assessment sessions actually start rather late as we need to make sure students get the full picture rather than just a facet.

Q: We are a marketing focused consultant but don’t do those types of assessment, do you think we can work with your consultants or is there a potential conflict?
A: I’d definitely get in touch with them. The risk that you two compete is rather limited. The opportunity to do more successful joint project much more attractive.

Q: We sell exclusively through distribution channels and don’t have access to customer data. Any suggestion?
A: You still have end customers – even so you don’t know them. So there are a few strategic questions to explore like: Is there a conflict if you try to get in touch with your market? Will partners helpful or not? Is the market potentially interested in a dialog with you? What would the purpose of an engagement be (get market data or actually having a conversation)? So0 more questions – no answer, sorry. But contact any of us for a deeper discussion.

Q: All I hear about social media is “free”. Who invests in those expensive assessments?
A: For instance if you allocate 10 people from a 500 people organization, you most likely invest $1-2 Million in salary, overhead and other cost. Not much to create a better customer experience – still enough to make sure you invest it right. The assessment cost is a tiny fraction of the cost you are going to spend – so you better make sure you start in the right direction – the assessment is giving you this assurance.

Q: Can we get the link to the presentation?
A: This Link

We had a few very company specific questions, and suggest you get in touch with any of the presenter or academy and explore ways to answer them.

Thanks again for participating. Let us know how we did, by tweeting about it.

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Todays Intro Webinar – Social Media – A new customer Experience Model

Thank you for attending our recent intro webinar, “Social Media – A new Customer Experience Model”.

It was great to have so many of you join us at the event. We hope you gained an insight into the steps you need to consider when developing your business social media strategy.

Axel addressed also the questions we got during the webinar in his post. If we missed an answer to your questions – please let us know.

We love to hear your feedback about the today’s webinar, the good and the bad. Please share your point of view and comments on this blog.

Thanks a lot


Webinar Q+A “Customer Experience Development”

Thanks again for the great participation in today’s webinar “Social Media – A new Customer Experience Model”.
Here are the answers to the questions from all participants:

Q: It’s important to be able to respond quickly, honestly and openly in SM environments. Is this affected by the SM team acting as a service entity? Does this slow down the process and make you appear less transparent?
A: It may slow down the process by only a few minutes. The processes you institute are similar to support escalation processes. The ST will escalate findings to the respective people. The advantage for the customer is to get to the right person right away. But don’t think too much in complicated service escalation. The trick is to create a social escalation process.

Q: Do you offer special classes for sales teams or marketing teams, or only leadership classes?
A: We plan functional specific classes in fall – but recommend those only for businesses that have already a strategy.

Q: What are the social media maturity levels in the various geographies around the world?
A: There are several studies in the Internet. The net of it is that developed countries are almost equal in maturity. There is no big difference between the US, Brazil, UK, Germany, Australia, Argentina, Spain, Poland… The much bigger concern is the cultural differences that lead to different behaviors and even different use of tools. India for instance uses Orkut much more than facebook, Germany still uses nick names more than real names, Sweden is way more adoptive than the US…

Q: Are you planning an East Coast location for the Academy?
All classes are Online. But we are going local for various reasons. We started in Australia and currently run the first leadership class there. We start in the UK in September and plan other countries. But all classes remain to be online.

Q: How many students are typically in a class?
A: The first classes grew from 7 to 15 and we accept 25 as max. There is a lot of interaction and collaboration so we have to cap it.

Q: The Consulting services you offer, who are the consultants?
A: The Academy Certified Consultants are the ones we involve and recommend. The number is growing every quarter. Very large projects I lead myself and work with the graduates or other members of the faculty.

Q: Do you have a case study where the business is very confidential – like medical doctors?
A: Let me say this: We should not get slaves of an attractive development and try to squeeze every business into the social web. Think about it this way: If there are people out there discussing a certain product, service or technology, you should be part of that conversation. If not – than just don’t. Computers are in every household but we still cook great dinner without it ;-)

Q: Should SMM strategy be different for Small Office or Home Office than what you presented today – which is more adapted for biggest companies – having their brand known on the market ?
A: Social Media strategies are no different for smaller than for bigger companies. Our focus on bigger companies is because they are typically leading a market and the smaller companies are followers. But there is ZERO difference. The scope is different but everything we teach, from assessment through strategy to execution can be applied to a 5 people startup and to a multi billion $ global enterprise. Why? Because the customer may be the same person in either case.

Q: Very interesting, do you offer a class specifically to customer experience management?
A: I believe a successful customer experience strategy can only work in concert with an over all strategy. So the Leadership Class at the end does that.

Q: Can we hire you to work with our management team?
A: Yes, but not before 2010

Q: Do you plan to do off line / classroom classes?
A: There are no plans to do that. Social media is all about online engagement and we practice that from the second session on. Our curriculum is build in a way that it wouldn’t even work off line because of all the information to digest and exercises to perform.

Q: Do you offer company discounts?
A: Yes we will for more than 5 attendees

Q: Is there any deadline for registration?
A: Not really. But we have over 500 prospects and only 25 seats each class. So the morning class will be booked pretty soon. The next class will start January 2010.

Q: Do you provide some guidance what to check when hiring a consultant?
A: We have an open wiki where both, consultants and customers helped building a catalog of questions:
This Link

Q: Can I become a trainer at the SMA?
A: Generally speaking yes. We offer all graduates to teach either their own or part of the core classes. Laureen Earnest and John Todor will offer their own classes in fall this year.

Q: Can we switch between evening and morning classes?
A: We ask you not to. We are doing a lot of group exercises and that would not work if you switch. Only if you have to miss a session, then you can.

Q: Do you offer company specific classes?
A: Yes we do.

Q: Do you hire?
A: No we don’t. All instructors and faculty are active practitioners of the social web with their own business and every day experience in the real world.

Q: Not sure I trust any certification. What do you certify?
A: I fully understand the concern. Here is what we certify and why we believe it is important: This Link

Q: Do you provide your consultants with leads and business opportunities?
A: Don’t put this into considerations. View the education as a foundation for your business and don’t rely on others, neither the Academy nor anybody else promising you business. I suggest you chat with former students about that.

Q: (Summarized) several questions about registration, entrance exam requirements…
A: Please visit the website for more details:
Leadership Class details: This Link
Requirements and entrance exam: This Link
Class registration: This Link
European classes: This Link

Q: Can we get the presentation?
A: Yes. you will find it here on the blog.


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