Multi Level Buzz Campiagns

How to join a Multi Level Buzz Campaign on S3 Buzz The current product is still in Private Beta. We scheduled public Beta to be out next week. 1) You will be invited Buzz campaigns require skilled social networker with large networks generating high reach and attention. If you are such a networker and have a S3-Buzz account, you may …

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Social Media Engagement – How much value?

Still today, many business leader struggle understanding the impact of socially engaged brands and their teams. Is it just a faint background noise in a world of meaningless chit chat? Well it is if you don’t know how to use this new communication mechanism. Democratization Of Influence Brands just can’t any longer “control” the communication. If communication is controlled by …

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Success Pattern — Social Media Agencies

In the past 5 years we’ve seen agencies come and go, raise and fall. A pretty typical scenario for a rapidly growing emerging market. As we helped hundreds of people starting their own company or  re-structuring their existing business, I thought I share my observation. This is not so much about skills but how those companies are seen from the …

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Social Media and Customer Experience Management

Social Media is widely used in businesses for all kinds of aspects. It typically starts on the marketing side to spread the word and get fast customer feedback. The experience with the customer feedback often times triggers new ideas in market research and Social Media becomes an interesting real time market research instrument. Service And Support The other aspect of …

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New programs, new training center

With the new structure and the new name, Societ3 Academy also made some significant enhancements to both, the training program and also the way we deliver the education. Enhanced Education Program New Classes Certified Social Media Manager Certified Social Presence Designer Certified Social Media Partner Manager See the complete program overview 2013 Enhanced Education Model / Delivery While the biggest …

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Anatomy of a buzz

The anatomy of a well designed social media buzz is interestingly close to the anatomy of a virus – hence “viral marketing”. CONTENT:  You take some important piece of content. That is what is carried around. Make sure it is well structured so it won;t be altered, misunderstood etc. BASE: Your content need a connection to the base, your social …

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This morning, Pinterest introduced ‘Secret Boards’, 5 businesses benefits

What can you do with the new ‘Secret Board’ feature? When expanding the Pinterest boards a few application came to mind. An individual user may have a lot of things they want to keep entirely private, just for themselves, or sharing it only with family or good friends. But what about business users? 5 Ways a business can benefit from …

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Social Media Academy now Society3 Academy

When we started in 2008, we were the first Social Media Academy and did not expect so many others following us. Today we count roughly 25 different “Social Media Academies”. Since it is a generic term, we were not able to file a trademark and so we decided to give the institute a more distinguishable name: S3 Social Media Academy …

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Private economic initiative aims to help 100,000 European companies to expand across Europe

News Release European business owners and managers build economy stimulation programme Unique economic development programme from a private initiative – planning to create 2 Million jobs Private economic initiative aims to help 100,000 European companies to expand across Europe

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Reputation of sales people continue to decline

Is this what your sales guy looks like? Reputation of sales people has rapidly decliened over the past few year. 20 years ago the sales teams were celebrated heroes in almost all businesses in the western world. Highly skilled and well trained sales people brought a lot of business which was responsible to drive the growth of the respective company. …

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