Pan European Social Media Effort

We blogged about this project before and I thought I give an update. For those who don’t know: The European Commission in Brussels initiated a program called “Digital Agenda Europe” and within this initiative 8 focus groups of which one is Social Media. Based on the overarching goal of a program called “Europe 2020″ we created the following objective for a Social Media Strategy proposal which we will present to the EU Commission June 21 in Brussels.



Stimulate small and medium size businesses and innovative start-ups across the EU leveraging social media to create a sustainable growth, additional jobs and being able to compete in a global market. Specifically we want to double the number of businesses, actively engaged in social media who created new jobs, year over year till 2016

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Social Media Certification – The world has changed

In the early days, in 2003 when LinkedIn was founded and I was one of the first 8,000 users, or 2004, when Facebook was founded, all the way to 2008, there was no education on social media and we all learned by experimenting and trial and error. It took a year or so to get our arms around it, but back then that was OK.

Education was always the best shortcut to results.

Today – 2011 – we have over 600 Million in the social web and trial and error is a daunting and time consuming task. And more so the complexity of social media has exploded. The number of tools has grown to a staggering 10,000 with an additional 100,000 of little gadgets that float all over the social web. For business leaders the strategic options are overwhelming.

What a social media director needs – what a social media certification needs to include:

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Webinar recap 04/19

Exploring how the Social Media Academy can enhance your business & your career – Intro Webinar

Summer class 2011  – Certified Social Media Strategist, Business Managers – Training & Certification

Thanks to all participants in our webinar yesterday. In case you could not attend or want to share the presentation with colleagues or just want to refresh your memory, we've made the presentation available her: Continue reading “Webinar recap 04/19”



Exploring how the Social Media Academy can enhance your business & your career

Spring class 2011  – Certified Social Media Strategist Training & Certification for Business Managers

We’ve made the presentation available here via slideshare:


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It’s not bragging if you can back it up.

Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) once said: It’s not bragging if you can back it up.  Jason Kincaid posted a blog in TechCrunch about Social Media Education and the start of a new media school. The post has around 68 comments – and I cannot resist to brag about the comments from the Social Media Academy alumni about their Leadership class experience in the Social Media Academy. Here is what they say:

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