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Buzz Case Study — Blog Post Amplification

After creating over 50 Buzz campaigns and supporting over 150 more in 2013, I have been able to watch the product develop into a robust application with a variety of uses. Campaigns focused on awareness and educating the public tend to fare very well, especially for corporate events and conferences; Buzzes that try to “sell”, or clients that have an …

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Buzz is changing the way marketing is communicating

In the old days marketing was using a rather brutal language to stimulate customers to talk about their brand. A market was “penetrated” and the key was to “get the message out”. The ‘customer’ was grouped and sorted in demographics, stored in data marts, was sliced and diced to get maximum number of ‘eyeballs’ and increase in ‘traffic’. By the …

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Buzz Campaign – A case study

Businesses of all sizes have the same challenge: How to get more people talk about their brand, products, or events. No this is not really new. What is new though, is the fact that today approximately 80% of all purchase decisions are based on mentions and recommendations. Also roughly 80% of event attendees  join any given event based on mentions …

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This morning, Pinterest introduced ‘Secret Boards’, 5 businesses benefits

What can you do with the new ‘Secret Board’ feature? When expanding the Pinterest boards a few application came to mind. An individual user may have a lot of things they want to keep entirely private, just for themselves, or sharing it only with family or good friends. But what about business users? 5 Ways a business can benefit from …

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Reputation of sales people continue to decline

Is this what your sales guy looks like? Reputation of sales people has rapidly decliened over the past few year. 20 years ago the sales teams were celebrated heroes in almost all businesses in the western world. Highly skilled and well trained sales people brought a lot of business which was responsible to drive the growth of the respective company. …

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Creating a Social Media Strategy Handbook

95% of the customers had a choice when they purchased the product or service in the first place, they had a reason for their selection. The single most successful way to use social media is empowering customers to share that reason and turn it into recommendations. The single biggest challenge: make it actually happen. The Social Media Strategy Handbook It …

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Can social selling revitalize the image of sales?

Sales is undergoing the most massive changes since many decades. Compare it to the change from Hawkers tray to selling in tie and suit. Or the transition from horse drawn carriages to taxis. Yet 90% of the experienced sales people will deny that change. Here is a process we introduced about 2 years ago with good success after lots of …

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Social Media Power & Politics

The presidential campaign in 2008 was a milestone in Social Media history. Where does it go in 2012? As of now President Obama is the clear leader in the race for president in 2012 when we read the emotions of the American people. In accordance to Overdrive Interactive who managed to accumulate all the data points in the social web, …

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Online Advertising Shift – $120,000 for Twitter Trends

The world is rapidly shifting to social media integrated advertising. Twitter's Adam Brain explains: "Promoted Tweets offerings are auction-based while Promoted Trends now cost $120,000 per day – up from $25,000 to $30,000 at launch in April 2010" ZDnet writes: "Great news: Promoted Trends on Twitter now cost only $120,000 per day! The obviously surprised ZDnet journalist Stephen Chapman writes: …

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The rise and fall of social media projects

Sorry – I guess we crashed with our social media campaign While social media in business is in full swing and many companies are gain a serious competitive advantage – more and more businesses are failing to get any success out of social media. Often times the whole social media engagement is put to bed after a few failed attempts. …

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