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This morning, Pinterest introduced ‘Secret Boards’, 5 businesses benefits

What can you do with the new ‘Secret Board’ feature? When expanding the Pinterest boards a few application came to mind. An individual user may have a lot of things they want to keep entirely private, just for themselves, or sharing it only with family or good friends. But what about business users? 5 Ways a business can benefit from …

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Social Media Acceleration with Partner Channels

Expanding market reach has always been one of the biggest advantages of indirect partner channels. And in the Social Media age this is no different. It is actually an advantage like no other if that force can be unleashed. We all learned, Social Media is not just another channel to blast a message out. Social Media is primarily about Relationships. …

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Social Media Academy, ON24 Announce Award Winners in Growing New Medium – Virtual Events

Social Media Academy, ON24 Announce Award Winners in Growing New Medium — Virtual Events CA Technologies, Sodexo, NetApp, BNP Media and Hitachi Honored The NetApp Virtual Partner Academy received the Virtual Event Excellence Award for the best user experience. SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwire – February 24, 2011) – As the entertainment industry is recognizing excellence in the film industry, the Social Media …

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Social Media Strategist – Role and Responsibility

There are quite some controversial discussions about the role of the social media strategist. Similar to social media itself, when people don't understand, their first reaction is to call it hype and reject the thought. There is no difference to the role of a Social Media Strategist. But once you stand in a campus with 26,000 employees, 1.2 Million customers …

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Social Media Academy Empowering 75% Of Global Business

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Indirect Distribution Channels Go Social Media With Help From the Social Media Academy Jan 25, 2011 – While many large corporations struggle with using social media to get closer to their customers, companies with indirect distribution partners like resellers, agents, brokers, dealers, distributors might seem to have it easier.  Rather than dealing with their own communication, compliance …

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A Social Media Strategy Story – 3 years in the making

It all started with a surprise project in 2008 – I wrote about it on my personal blog and on some public blogs like Customer Think and Social Media Today. And as promised I continue writing about it.

Here is the whole story from the very beginning:

2008 – One morning…

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Channel Empowerment

This is a recording of Axel Schultze's keynote at Tech Innovators in Las Vegas last week. In essence: As 75% of world trade is conducted by indirect sales organizations, producers are better suited to empower their channels than developing a social media strategy for themselves. As a follow on, you may join us on December 17 for our Channel Empowerment …

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The new role of the “middle man” in the social web

I have the pleasure to talk about social media empowerment at this year's Xchange for Tech Innovators in Las Vegas today. The past years was filled with social media marketing conversations. The biggest challenge for many businesses is still to actually reach the end user and have a meaningful conversation. Why? Because it is pretty difficult for a company with …

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Webcasts Are the Past, Social Media is the Future

Defective and ineffective marketing webcasts are all too typical in the channel world. That’s one reason resellers often shun them and channel marketing groups find it so difficult getting people to actually attend. There are better ways to communicate.

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What Tips Would You Give A Reseller That Was Just Starting Out With Social Media?

We asked companies to help their laggard colleagues by answering the question, “What tips or suggestions would you give a reseller that was just starting out with Social Media?” Here is a collection of their answers from the various forums.

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