Google+ what changes – a detailed review

Under the new Google Management – with Larry Page on the helm – things seem to change. Google+ is out and unlike the many products before like Wave, Buzz and others, G+ looks pretty promising.

Is it a "Facebook Killer" like several early promoters suggested? I absolutely don't think so. Is it a "Twitter Killer"? That one is much more likely. Let me share some early experience:

Google+ Screenshot, Axel Schultze

What is different to the other "Big Three" (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)?

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Investment Fraud on LinkedIn

How about this interesting investor for your business?

I have more than 10 billion USD commited for Real Estate Projects and 5 Billion USD committed for Renewable Projects we are looking at a mix of start up and late stage projects 44 comments »

Started by Dilip Chawla

The entity by the name of Dilip Chawla is promoting this idea in several LinkedIn groups. Well, some of the top Silicon Valley VCs is having $500 Million under management, and Silicon Valley VCs account to about 30% of all venture investment in the US. But our Mr Chawla has apparently 10 BILLION for real estate alone. Now once you read this you think – don't waste my time. But the phenomenon of getting lots of money quickly no matter how ridiculous the offer is – is moving from little classifieds into the social web.

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