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7 Elements of a Successful Buzz Campaign

Buzz is a powerful way to let your customers tell their story about your brand. When you provide them with a launching pad for positive mentions and recommendations in their own voice, across many networks, good things happen. But it’s not all magic — there are key elements in making a successful Buzz. Here are 7 things to keep in …

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Buzz – The New Advertising

In times where consumer power increases and influence from traditional corporate advertising is decreasing, businesses will need to find new ways to win the minds and hearts of new customers. Our research shows that roughly 80% of purchase decisions are based on mentions and recommendations for both consumer and corporate buyers. This is leaving only a small percentage to spontaneous …

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Social Media Managers Keep Failing

Society3 SM Keep Failing

No question, those who studied the shift in our socioeconomic landscape come all to the same conclusion: Social Media holds a massive change for our society and our businesses. The change will be as profound as the industrial revolution 200 years ago. Introducing that change to executives who run their business with a huge daily pressure is so overwhelming that …

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80% of purchase decisions based on recommendations

Society3 Networked World

Social Media has changed the way consumer and business manager alike make their purchase decisions. The web has become the most influential resource in figuring out what to buy. Depending on the research, target audience, product or service, the percentage of new purchase decisions based on mentions and recommendations range between 72% to 90%. That is true for both B2B …

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Trust or not to trust?

This post was inspired by a post in Forbes Magazine from friend Louis Columbus, former AMR Research Analyst and a recent CSI Insights report. I’d like to share a perspective we are working on since several years that just now lead to the development of Buzz and its official announcement next week. Marketing and sales are stuck in deep dilemma …

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By 2017 the CMOs may spend more on tech than CIOs

Laura McLellan, Research VP, Gartner predicts: “By 2017 the CMO may spend more on technology than the CIO” Laura will be presenting a Key Note at the “Marketing & Tech Partnership Summit 2013″ June 20 in San Jose California.  Do you think it is possible? And if so what does that mean to the IT world and their own sales and marketing …

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Social Media Engagement – How much value?

Still today, many business leader struggle understanding the impact of socially engaged brands and their teams. Is it just a faint background noise in a world of meaningless chit chat? Well it is if you don’t know how to use this new communication mechanism. Democratization Of Influence Brands just can’t any longer “control” the communication. If communication is controlled by …

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Social Media and Customer Experience Management

Social Media is widely used in businesses for all kinds of aspects. It typically starts on the marketing side to spread the word and get fast customer feedback. The experience with the customer feedback often times triggers new ideas in market research and Social Media becomes an interesting real time market research instrument. Service And Support The other aspect of …

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New programs, new training center

With the new structure and the new name, Societ3 Academy also made some significant enhancements to both, the training program and also the way we deliver the education. Enhanced Education Program New Classes Certified Social Media Manager Certified Social Presence Designer Certified Social Media Partner Manager See the complete program overview 2013 Enhanced Education Model / Delivery While the biggest …

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Creating a Social Media Strategy Handbook

95% of the customers had a choice when they purchased the product or service in the first place, they had a reason for their selection. The single most successful way to use social media is empowering customers to share that reason and turn it into recommendations. The single biggest challenge: make it actually happen. The Social Media Strategy Handbook It …

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