Social Media Strategist – Role and Responsibility

There are quite some controversial discussions about the role of the social media strategist. Similar to social media itself, when people don't understand, their first reaction is to call it hype and reject the thought.

There is no difference to the role of a Social Media Strategist.

But once you stand in a campus with 26,000 employees, 1.2 Million customers and a few billion in revenue you know that social media is no longer just some chit chat with friends. Once you see companies like BP or Nestle struggle with their ability to respond to a globally discussed issue, you know that Joe Social Media Consultant is hopelessly overwhelmed with any kind of help. And once you are tasked to launch a new product that is forecasted to produce $250 Million in the first year and launch a new corporate brand initiative having a $20 Million budget while at the same time need to restructure a service organization to create a better customer experience and knowing that the customer experience is dominated by the experience through 20,000 business partners – you know that most social media consultants have not a faint of an idea where to start.

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Exploring how the Social Media Academy can enhance your business & your career

Spring class 2011  – Certified Social Media Strategist Training & Certification for Business Managers

We’ve made the presentation available here via slideshare:


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Social Media Academy expands further into Australia

Social Media Academy expands further into Australia

Social Media Academy and iGo2 Group collaborate and bringing social media business education program to Australia

Jan 04, 2011 – Palo Alto based Social Media Academy announces its further global expansion into Asia Pacific through a collaboration with the iGo2 Group in Sydney Australia. Starting February 9, the Social Media Academy is offering its Certified Social Media Strategist program, Social Business Masters and selected focus trainings for sales and marketing in the Australian market. The programs teaches attendees social media strategy development, creating planning models and leveraging tools the Academy has developed in the past two years.

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Why Abraham Lincoln Thinks You Should Register For Social Media Training


Everyone has goals and objectives. Some of our goals are big (like successfully combining the channel operations of our latest acquisition) and some are small (like getting 50 people to register for our product release webinar), but they are all important to someone.   In those rare situations when all the goals in an organization line up, then you have a successful enterprise.

Judging from conversations with clients and resellers, one big goal everyone has right now is to improve their ROI on marketing investments.  Resellers want more leads, channel marketing executives want more product exposure, and corporations want to improve their market share.  Increasingly, achievement of these kinds of goals means understanding and using new technologies like marketing content syndication, video, online communities, and social media to increase communication velocity and impact. 

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Social Media Tools Week 2010

Please help introduce the event to your business friends and colleagues

Facebook Event:

LinkedIn Event:

Twitter Hash Tag: #SMTW

The new site will officially launch next week.


The top 10 social media questions marketers want answered

You probably downloaded and read the 2010 Social Media Industry Report shared on the web a couple of months ago. In the report, authors listed 10 questions considered as the most asked questions by marketers (consultants or marketing managers, directors). I’d like to share those questions on the Social Media Academy blog for having your feedback, insights and comments. For each question, there is a small list of sub-questions helping to better understand the question itself.

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Nice spam prevention on LinkedIn

Most of us noticed that LinkedIn groups are often times as bad as your email inbox – full of spam. No more conversations just webinar announcements and email catcher.

LinkedIn made a great move to alert group managers if an account has zero or very low number of connections and want to join your group.

Once you check the persons profile you will quickly see it is an account just setup to go into groups and promote whatever they can.

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Leadership Class Summer 2010 – Social Media Academy

We are wrapping up the admission process and just give a last call to join the Leadership Class Summer 2010.

Leading technology firms evaluated training institutes and selected the Social Media Academy as the one with the best reputation and most comprehensive training program in the world.

The Summer 2010 class will have a brand new segment:

Social CRM as this became a strategic element of any social media engagement.

All former students will get a free update class.

Enrollment for the Spring 2011 Leadership Class will be open week after next.

Last Minute Admission (Summer 2010):