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Advocacy & Experience Marketing
In The Social Media Age

From self promotional marketing to advocacy and recommendations 


S3 Academy Advantage

Power engagement all online

1Building a large advocacy base is impossible when you only accept face to face meetings. Scale is of essence when building an advocacy model. Learning and collaborating online is the first step to experience this world and it will change the way you think about online engagement – forever.


Comprehensive strategy development

2The online and social media world seem to be completely chaotic and random, a waste of time. The S3 Academy strategy model has proven time again to be the most viable strategy instrument – used by consultants from all over the world. You will learn new ways to strategically engage.


Your audience, just a finger tip away

3Old school marketing thinks in categories, anonymous  masses , and marketing automation. Not exactly very exciting to customers. Personal engagement with thousands or hundreds of thousands of customers seem to be impossible. Think again, learn how to engage with a large customer base.


Working with highly informed customers

480% of purchase decisions are influenced by mentions and recommendations. Customers know exactly what they want, and the price they are willing to pay. Now you will learn to know exactly what their intentions are and how you can become part of the recommendation chain.



The Program

S3A-CertAdvocacyMarketingMgr(click to see full program)


Featured Alumni

Over 70% made a new career in corporations, governments including a director for the Obama 2012 campaign or started their own business. S3 Academy educated nearly 5,000 from 35 countries.

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Advocacy of the S3 Academy

What the S3 Academy Alumni has to say


Attendees are from world class organizations including ADP, Arla, Autodesk, Avaya, Dell, EMC, SAP,, Urban Outfitters, and Governments.



The S3 Academy, formerly Social Media Academy, was founded 2008 and is considered to be the leading business school for applied advocacy marketing. Education programs are especially created for business professionals from all industries and focusing on strategic planning and implementation of advocacy marketing. The program is helping teams move from self promotion to advocacy and significantly increase market traction and brand reputation. Due to the importance of online engagement, the whole program is delivered online in instructor lead workshops, collaboration meetings, online work groups and video conferences.  All programs include hands on exercises and complete engagement strategy development, real world network building and real world project collaboration.

Today more than 5,000 attendees from 35 countries attended the various education and training programs. The S3 Academy is based in San Francisco.