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[raw] You won’t make a difference having a few people being “social” and the rest of the company does business as usual – Axel Schultze.

Past attendees are from world class organizations including ADP, Arla, Autodesk, Avaya, Dell, EMC, SAP,, Urban Outfitters, Governments, Advertising Agencies and many business consultants – and one of our Alumni is a director at the Obama 2012 campaign – all in all we educated roughly 5,000 people from 35 countries.

Certified Social Media Strategist Class

Making a real difference needs more than just experimenting with something. Education is the shortcut to tangible results. See all the Details  about the most comprehensive social media education.


Company Specific Social Media Education

Preparing your organization and its new social media leadership team to create successful social media initiatives. See details.


Digital Sunrise Conference, Cannes

S3 Social Media Academy is one of the sponsors of Digital Sunrise Europe. Business leaders from all over Europe meet to explore alternative growth strategies to expand across Europe. See details


S3 Social Media Academy means thought leadership

Our worldwide Alumni knows: Developing a successful social media strategy for a mid market  company or a global enterprise is no easy task. Leveraging social media for demand generation, improving brand reputation, creating a better customer experience, reducing risks of product development mistakes, analyzing market dynamics in near real time and more is not something you learn from tweeting and building fan pages. The S3 Social Media Academy was founded in 2008 and is providing social media education and social media certification for the top social media managers and consultants in the world. Social Media Certification Programs [/raw]


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