Participating via video conference

If you can’t join our training sessions in our training centers in San Francisco or Cannes, you can actually join via video conference. All you need is an up to date Browser (Google Chrome or Firefox are best) and a high speed Internet connection (ADSL, Cable etc.).

Here is how it works:

* You will receive all the necessary Links and access information prior to the actual training day.

* A week before the training we conduct a test session to make sure you can log in, and everything works just fine.

* If you want to ask questions you need a headset – using computer built in speaker and microphone is not allowed.

What you should know about participating via video conference:

  • We live stream the training (no recording) so you can participate during both days from morning to evening. We use a HD camera and a professional edition of Citrix GoToMeeting to transmit the training.
  • You will see the instructor and presentation most of the time but if he or she walks around you may not see the instructor for a while.
  • You will hear the instructor but occasionally you may not hear attendees questions very well or maybe not hear them at all.
  • You should be able to see the presentation on the projector but as video conference quality may vary we also provide you with the full presentation material so you can follow the presentation on your computer.
  • You should be able to see what we show online, but we also provide you with the links so you may look at those yourself in case the quality of the video is not good enough.
  • You can ask questions, both, via your microphone or via the chat box. Answers will be provided accordingly.
  • You do not need a webcam, but we highly recommend having one on to improve the collaboration experience.

The number of video conference attendees for each class is limited to 8 participants.


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