Group Exercises

Group Exercises & Workshops

Hands on experience

One of the key elements of the education programs are real case group exercises. Students collaborate with each other and get hands on experience on real cases. Exercises include social media assessments, social media strategy development, social media plan development, social media policy development and presenting the complete case to the respective business.

Online Collaboration

All collaboration, like the whole education program is online. Typically classes consist of attendees from around the world. Students get first hand experience in online collaboration and leveraging social media for their own projects.

Exercises are made with the support of the faculty and supervision of certified social media strategists.

Workshop Cases

Businesses can apply to become a workshop case. If you like to be a case study for our student workshops and get a complete social media strategy, please see our program details and contact the S3 Social Media Academy office at (650) 384 0057.


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