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60 to 80% of educated purchase decisions are based on recommendations. The largest part of those recommendations come from the online world. Direct mail efficiency is continuously declining and marketing needs alternative methods to reach an audience where it is receptive. Market research is growing in complexity is ever faster outdated and too expensive, while online research can be done in near real time. Forecasting is increasingly inaccurate even though people are more open than ever before. Customer experience complains are rising and most of the valuable suggestions from the customer base is not taking into account when business processes are under review.

Digitally enabled executive teams are outperforming their traditional counterparts and building more attractive and more profitable businesses. This program is for executive teams who decided to take their business to a new height.

S3 Social Media Academy - Social Media Business Essentials #SMACAD

Business Strategy Program
Program Overview

Workshop 1:

  • Welcome and introduction
  • The most significant influential changes in our society. What is the strategic impact on both B2B and B2C organizations
  • How the public social media noise level is already outperforming corporate communication
  • Personal versus business engagement in social media
  • Social media impact on Sales, Product Management, HR, Finance, Logistics and Marketing.

Workshop 2:

  • What worked and what didn’t – what did we learn
  • From tactical business enngagement to strategic planning
  • Insight into the major social media strategy methods, models and frameworks
  • How social media changes the face of sales, support, product management,, procurement, HR and marketing
  • Reputation, Social Media Monitoring, Damage Control

Workshop 3:

  • Cornerstones of a sustainable strategic engagement
  • Knowing what to expect from a team
  • Social media guideline
  • Objectives, resources, budgets
  • Social media in board rooms


Senior Executives Only




You will be able to size the impact of social media on your own businesses. You will know what methods, models and strategy frameworks are out there to plan and execute a social media aided business strategy and you will know where to start. You also learn what to expect from a team.

Business Strategy Program

Program Id: S3A-12001


Attendees receive a certificate of participation

Program material

You will receive a social media strategy compendium that you can use for your own strategy development.

Program structure:

The program consists of 3 online or onsite workshops once every week.

Please contact us any time at

US: +1 (650) 384-0057

EU: +49 (30) 2023.8748

No call center no automated phone system :)


Classes are lectured by senior faculty member: Axel Schultze

Axel Schultze


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