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Next training starts Sep 25 – Oct 23, 2012 [raw]

This program is designed for sales managers who want to sell social media services to business executives of all sizes of companies. The training is a combination of learning new techniques and applying them in exercises and experience real sales results even during the training. Learn and earn. The objective of the class is that attendees are actually able to sell one or more social media projects by the end of the program and generate real world revenue in the $10,000 range at the end of the class. The five week program requires attendees to allocate a significant amount of time to achieve the proposed results. While the training lessons are only 90 Minutes once a week, consider at least 3 hours each day every day to complete the exercises and get to actual real world sales results.

Successfully selling 5 and 6 digit social media projects within 5 weeks

Program Overview

Total of 5 workshops with hands on experience. An online learning experience for an online world! – no travel needed – collaborating online from day one. 

  • The new buying processes and educated purchase decisions 
  • Creating an elevator pitch in the social web
  • Contact identification and qualification
  • Building large networks fast
  • Leveraging social relationship management systems
  • Buyer identification for social media projects
  • Influencer identification
  • Best practices leveraging LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Xing
  • Digital body language
  • Leveraging social media monitoring
  • Preparing social media sales engagements
  • Building a social sales “Flight”
  • Handling “gray zone engagements” people not socially engaged
  • Reference selling and solution selling in the new paradigm 
  • Selling “Top Down”
  • Closing deals online
  • Relationship maintenance after a deal is closed or lost
  • Social media conflict management

All attendees will work together and share their real life experience during the exercises. You will work on real cases and real customers during the class


Sales people, social media agencies, social media consultants who also sell their services


  1. You need to have at least 50 businesses you would like to do business with.
  2. You need to have a basic understanding of Social Media and have at least a LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter account.
  3. You need to be mentally open to experiment doing sales online and not insist in face to face meetings
  4. It would be helpful if you have some sales background or you feel “that sales instinct” and want to start in sales.


You learn all about social selling techniques and create a sales engagement in the social web. You learn to grow a significant contact network and stay in touch with a large number of contact, way beyond what traditional sales people consider well networked. You learn about digital body language, influencer identification and how to engage and close business in the social web. At the end you learn how to close a five or six figure deal online in 5 weeks.

Certified Social Selling Manager

Program ID: S3A-16014


You should have base experience in traditional sales or feel you are a natural sales talent


A certificate is provided based on required workshop attendance, lesson review, and tests. If an attendee is not passing the requirements, he or she can repeat the class at 15% of the cost.

Class structure
Each of the weekly workshops takes approximately 90 minutes. In addition you will work on real life sales engagements to get hands on experience. You will want to allocate at least 3 hours each day for those exercises. At the end of the program you should be able to actually have closed some deals or reconsider if sales is an area you want to bet your career on.

Please contact us directly at +1(650)384 0057. You will speak to us directly, no call center no automated phone system.

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S3 Social Media Academy certifies that attendees learned:

  • The difference between today’s educated purchase decision making and past buying processes before 2010
  • Acquiring social selling techniques and accompany a prospect during their buying process
  • Building social selling teams and manage organizational alignments to match the modern buying cycles
  • Basics about digital body language
  • Identifying influencers
  • Leveraging social marketing initiatives for the sales engagement and helping marketing teams to create sales relevant social marketing initiatves
  • How to build, grow and maintain super large connection networks without jeopardizing relationship strength
  • The changing reference selling and solution selling techniques
  • Completing project sales within 5 weeks – all online

Timeline & Program Details

5 Workshops one every Tuesday 8am in the morning

Workshop 1 Social Sales versus traditional sales

  • Evolution in the buying process over the past 10 years
  • Buying / selling gap analysis
  • Customer needs and understanding of social media
  • Buying and selling social media services
  • The elevator pitch in the social web
  • Setting up a social relationship system
  • Exercise: Build your own presence and elevator pitch

Workshop 2 Preparing social sales engagements

  • Target market definition
  • Target contact identification
  • Who is the buyer of a social media project
  • Influencer identification
  • Leveraging Social Media monitoring
  • Relevance considerations (qualification)
  • Best practices using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Xing
  • Digital body language I
  • Preparing a social media sales engagement
  • Building a sales “Flight”
  • Exercise: Build a pre-sales flight of 500+ relevant contacts

Workshop 3 Social Selling pre-sales mode

  • Preparation in building customer relationships in the social web
  • The socially dominated engagement
  • Social selling to people or executives not present in the social web
  • The “gray zone engagement”
  • Team mix and match for best results
  • Leveraging social marketing
  • Social beach head team
  • help and share – know and introduce
  • Contact handover
  • Exercise: Experience getting in touch with 100 contacts a day

Workshop 4 Social selling engagement mode

  • Social customer engagement
  • Buying process adoption
  • The new reference selling
  • The new solution selling
  • help and share – know and introduce
  • Digital body language II
  • Selling social media projects “Top Down” – when the rubber meets the road
  • Exercise: Practice reference selling and solution selling to 50 clients

Workshop 5 Closing & Relationship Maintenance

  • On the top of the hill – Closing deals online
  • Keeping relationships after a business is won or lost
  • Digital body language III
  • Large network engagements
  • Presence management
  • Exercise: Closing a few deals purely online

Graduation You will receive a Social Sales Management Certificate if you complete the task and pass the tests

Classes are lectured by senior faculty members Axel Schultze, Marita, Roebkes:
Axel Schultze MaritaR 

Your Masterpiece:

Attendees will close deals online after no more than 6 weeks.


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