Guest Instructor

Accredited Society3 Academy Guest Instructor

The S3 Social Media Academy has one of the best reputations in the world. To become a guest instructor requires to have a successfully completed Social Media Manager or Social Media Strategy education.

Benefits of becoming a SMACAD guest instructor

We help introduce your high quality content to our world wide audience and network. We had over 5,000 attendees from over 24 countries in the various educational measures. You will become an accredited guest instructor of the Academy. You will benefit from our brand and leverage our Social eLearning technology. All financial transactions go through our system and you will get automatically paid at the end of each month. The complete Guest Instructor Program

What topics we like to cover

As we are planning to offer product related training, We are looking for the following lessons:

  • Facebook page setup best practices, objectives, target audience awareness initiatives
  • Facebook apps development basics and page integration
  • Facebook group setup and moderation
  • Twitter profile creation, audience development, content communication
  • LinkedIn profile setup for professional networker
  • LinkedIn company profile setup, team integration
  • LinkedIn group setup , moderation, invitation, objective definition
  • Pinterest setup, board structure, introductions, content considerations, presence strategy
  • WordPress, blog setup, theme selection, widgets, SEO
  • WordPress content strategy, content communication, reader community development
  • WordPress advanced techniques, blog syndication, advanced SEO considerations
  • Slideshare setup, content contribution, team organization, presence strategy
  • Foursquare for business setup, content details, promotion, community management
  • setup, topic organization, content scooping, content strategy
  • Triberr setup, blogger community, content dissemination,  content strategy
  • URL shortening, custom names, reporting, sharing techniques
  • XeeMe profile setup, presence setup, reporting, presence strategy
  • XeeMe for Brands setup, brand presence strategy, team selection
  • And other similar lessons may be suggested


How we like to work

Obviously the content needs to fit into the overarching philosophy of the Society3 Academy, mainly teaching a purpose driven, cross functional social media engagement, with a mutual benefit for brand and customer.

Please download the Guest Instructor Program

We look forward to hear from you.


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