How to hire a Director Social Media ?

This is a strategic hire, make it a success.

There are currently an estimated 14,000 open social media positions in the US with most being the “Director Social Media”. Many of the job descriptions read like a “catch all and hope something matches”.

$120,000 for a social media director is not out of reach.

Before you look for a director social media, it may make sense to explore in greater detail:

* What is the Director Social Media supposed to do?How to Hire a Director Social Media? S3 Social Media Academy
* What is a meaningful process to fill this position?
* Should you hire an “expert” or train somebody from the team?
* What should the job description include?
* Will he/she need to hire more people?
* What budget responsibility should the position include?
* What is the expected outcome from this position?
* How much is a Social Media Director?

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