So-M-pres Program

Social Media Presence Services

We set it up for you

All we need is your current website URL. Our graphics designer and social media technology experts will do the rest so you have a highly professional and attractive social media presence for your business. The presence is in total alignment with our social media methodologies and education programs. If you participated in any of our programs, you will see the carefully interwoven technology setup from our So-M-Pres program.

We manage and moderate your ecosystem

In particular in the first 12 month you may want to have somebody who is taking care of your business eco system on a daily base. Our team will conduct a daily review, group and page moderation and follow a well thought out escalation program to alert you whenever somebody from support, sales or marketing need to engage. The “engagement Program” provides all the necessary services – the fee is an annual fee..

We help you strengthen your customer relationships

While our team is working in your ecosystem on a daily base, you will want to strengthen relationships, have conversations with customers and prospects and engage to the mutual benefit of your customer and your own organization. As such our team is helping you to engage and strengthen your customer relationships like you could never before imagine.


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The presence creation service is a one time fee. The moderation service is an annual fee.

Channel Partners & MDF Management

As a business partner of a larger brand you may be eligible to get the program financed from your vendor partner. In this case you may be able to get reimbursed or work on the following models:

MDF Process 1

You can order the package online without any payment. All you have to do is enter the MDF key code provided by your vendor. After the key is verified by us we will process your order and setup your presence. We process the financial transaction directly with your vendor.

MDF Process 2

You order the package and pay either via credit card, money transfer or check. We will produce the presence and send you an invoice so you can claim the amount from your vendor via your MDF budget.



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