Social Media 360

Social Media 360 Program

Businesses around the world leverage social media to reduce marketing cost and cost of sales yet increase brand reputation and develop a better customer experience. While many companies explore the new world in a trial and error fashion, others seek the assistance of experienced teams to plan and execute such an engagement in the most effective and most efficient way.

The SM360 Program is a complete social media engagement program for business teams to leverage social media for creating a better customer experience and increase brand reputation while lowering marketing cost.

SM360 Program Overview

1) Executive Briefing
We provide a two hour executive briefing discussing the impact of social media on business processes, organizational aspects and the corresponding planning and strategy models as well as strategy execution. Participating executives get the necessary insights to guide and demand the team efforts in the upcoming social media engagement.

2)  Training on the job
The core of the program is a team training on social media engagement in sales, product management, marketing and service combined with hands on projects. The projects include company specific social media strategy development and the creation of the corresponding social media execution plan for the next six to nine month.

3) Guidance
While being trained, the team is guided by experienced and certified social media strategists when conducting an assessment, developing a sound strategy, and the respective social media execution plan. The SMACAD team will provide additional guidance selecting the best networks, tools and reporting programs for the engagement


4) Execution
As a result the team will be able to develop a social presence on the customer relevant networks and sites and are able to follow a social engagement program that is directed to create a better customer experience.

5) Results
The result of the program is an increase in customer advocacy, measured by the increase in positive customer sentiment resulting in a higher degree of brand reputation and incremental business over a reasonable period of time.



The company will receive the following material:
1) Assessment
Social media assessment based on the four quadrant assessment model, including the status quo of the customer base, the brand assessment, a partner assessment as well as a competition assessment including a customer survey and a customer presence analysis (know what your customers do in social networks and social media).

2) Strategy
A social media strategy using the social media strategy framework. The strategy includes Business Goal, Social Media Mission, Benefits for the ecosystem, Actions, Resources and Reporting

3) Team Guide
A social media team guide to provide some common rules of engagement and best practices

4) Social Media Plan
An executable social media engagement plan for the sales team, the marketing organization, product management and the service team. The plan includes presence building in the social web including the creation of a Facebook page, a twitter account, a wordpress based blog  and a LinkedIn group. The plan is based on real customer feedback and most current market conditions and laid out for a six to nine month period. All activities in the provided plan assume a zero budget scenario.

The overarching philosophy of the SM360 Program is to create a cross functional social business engagement that is implanted into the very fabric of the team’s culture. As social relationships can’t be outsourced, we provide the team with all necessary techniques, best practices and tools to engage and create a better customer experience, resulting in a stronger brand reputation and increased revenue.

Program Packages:

Small Business up to 25 employees | $12,000
Sales & service focused

Medium business up to 200 employees | $ 35,000
Sales, product management, marketing, and support

Medium Enterprise up to 750 employees | $78,000
Sales, product management, marketing,  and support


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