Certified CX Manager Social Media

During the 2 day training class and the following 4 week online education program, attendees develop a complete Customer Experience Strategy leveraging social media for customer interaction across all departments. The program includes: conducting a professional assessment, strategy development, social media supported customer experience management, resource and budget planning, ROI calculation and organization readiness.

Training program for CX and Service Teams from one company.

We are currently not offering any public service and customer experience management classes for individuals. Please see our Social Media Strategy program as an alternative for non company specific programs.

Program Overview

Total of 4 weeks with one weekly 2 hour instructor lead online workshop and exercises during the week.

  • Understanding the impact of customer experience and social media on the corporate world
  • Customer experience as a way to increase the bottom line
  • Convergence of Social Media and Customer Experience 
  • Managing personal and business engagements in the social web to develop a better 360 degree customer experience
  • Customer EXperience Audits / Assessments
  • Four quadrant assessment model
  • Customer experience programs for product management
  • Customer experience programs for the support organization
  • Customer experience in the sales organization
  • Customer experience and the marketing engagement
  • Customer experience with indirect partner channels
  • Cross functional customer experience strategies
  • Applying a ciustomer experience strategy framework
  • Social Media Plan development
  • Customer experience organization models
  • Finance, Budgets, Resources & ROI

Timeline & Program Details

Classroom training

Day one

  • Impact of customer experience on educated purchase decisions
  • New customer engagement models
  • Social media assessments (4QA Model)
  • Cross functional Business engagement

Day Two

  • Customer Experience Strategy models
  • Creating a CEM strategy (class case)
  • Program Designs
  • Experience monitoring

Four online workshops, one per week, plus one introductory workshop

Customer Experience Assessment Workshop (1)

  • Project and exercise review, discussion Q+A (60-90 min)
  • Preparation for the coming lessons: Strategy preparation, SWOT Analysis, cross functional engagement
  • Attendees work on the next project exercises

Customer Experience Strategy Workshop (2)

  • Project and exercise review, discussion Q+A (60-90 min)
  • Preparation for the coming lessons: Business engagement including support, product management, sales andmarketing
  • Attendees work on the next project exercises

Business Engagement Workshop (3)

  • Project and exercise review, discussion Q+A (60-90 min)
  • Preparation for the coming lessons: Preparing a complete resource, budget and ROI plan
  • Attendees work on the next project exercises

Resource & Budget Planning Workshop (4)

  • Project and exercise review, discussion Q+A (60-90 min)
  • Presenting the Customer Experience Strategy Book
  • Final Test

Attendees will work with the group on a real world Customer Experience Project to get hands-on experience in both Customer Experience Strategy development and online collaboration


Service Center Manager, Customer Experience Manager, Business Consultants


You will be able to prepare, create and execute a complete Customer Experience Strategy for medium to large B2B or B2C businesses. You will get the necessary experience to select and work with market monitoring tools to measure progress and success based on objectives and KPIs. You will be able to make well structured engagement plans, resource and budget plans as well as ROI calculations.



  • Basic Social Media experience.
  • Customer Experience know how

Program ID:

S3A-12150 (US)
S3A-12151 (EU)

Class structure

2 day training center
in San Francisco (USA)
or Cannes (France)

alternatively participate online via video conference (more details).

4 weeks online hands on training exercises. Weekly instructor lead online workshops.


A certificate is provided based on required workshop attendance, lesson review, and tests. If an attendee is not passing the requirements, he or she can repeat the class at 15% of the cost.certification-soma1mini2

Admission Terms


Senior faculty members:
Adrienne Corn, Axel Schultze, Marita Roebkes, Wendy Soucie 
Adrienne Corn Axel Schultze  MaritaR  Wendy Soucie 


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