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During the three week program, attendees acquire a whole new set of customer engagement skills. The program also includes techniques for higher forecast accuracy and  growing significantly larger contact networks.

Attendees will practice social selling already during the class and strengthen customer relationships as well as growing new connections. This class is primarily for teams with a social media integrated sales strategy already in place.

Training program for sales teams from one company.

We are currently not offering any public sales classes for individual sales people. Please see our Social Media Strategy program as an alternative for non company specific programs.

Program Overview

Total of two days in our training center, plus 3 online workshops with 3 weeks hands on exercises. Attendees who are not able to attend the onsite classes can participate via video conference.

  • The new buying processes and educated purchase decisions
  • Creating an elevator pitch in the social web
  • Contact identification and qualification
  • Building large networks fast
  • Leveraging social relationship management systems
  • Buyer identification for social media projects
  • Influencer identification
  • Best practices leveraging LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Xing
  • Digital body language
  • Leveraging social media monitoring
  • Preparing social media sales engagements
  • Building a social sales “Flight”
  • Handling “gray zone engagements” people not socially engaged
  • Reference selling and solution selling in the new paradigm
  • Selling “Top Down”
  • Closing deals online
  • Relationship maintenance after a deal is closed or lost
  • Social media conflict management

You will work with the group on a real world social media project to get hands-on experience in both social presence development and online collaboration



Sales manager, sales team contributor, inside sales and field sales teams



  • Basic Social Media understading 
  • Sales experience is recommended but not required



Attendees will be able to work with a much larger number of clients and substantially improve their success rate. Attendees will increase forecast accuracy and get more prospects into their pipeline. The overarching objective: closing more business in less time.

Program Ids:

S3A-12150 (US)
S3A-12151 (EU)

Class structure

2 day training center

San Francisco Training Center

Cannes France Training Center

alternatively participate online via video conference (more details).


3 weeks online hands on training. Weekly online workshops.


A certificate is provided based on required workshop attendance, lesson review, and tests.certification-soma1mini2

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Timeline & Program Details

Classroom training

Day one

  • Evolution in the buying process over the past 10 years
  • Buying / selling gap analysis
  • Customer needs and understanding of social media
  • Buying and selling social media services
  • The elevator pitch in the social web
  • Setting up a social relationship system
  • Exercise: Build your own presence and elevator pitch

Day Two

  • Target contact identification
  • Who is the buyer of a social media project
  • Leveraging Social Media monitoring
  • Relevance considerations (qualification)
  • Best practices using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Xing
  • Digital body language
  • Preparing a social media sales engagement


Pre sales Workshop (1)

  • Project and exercise review, discussion Q+A (60-90 min)
  • Preparation for the next program phase:
    Online customer engagement
  • Attendees work on the next project exercises

Social media engagement Workshop (2)

  • Project and exercise review, discussion Q+A (60-90 min)
  • Preparation for the next program phase:
    Amplification, online reference & solution selling
  • Attendees work on the next project exercises

Social selling transformation Workshop (3)

  • Final project presentation, discussion Q+A (60-90 min)
  • Presenting experience and progress
  • Final Test
Senior faculty members:
Axel Schultze, Marita, Roebkes:
Axel Schultze  MaritaR  

Your Masterpiece:

Attendees will create a complete Social Media Sales Handbook.
Strategy Handbook 


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