Twitter for total idiots… and executives

I began tweeting being an executive of my former company – I remember what it was like when I started ;)

If you google “how to use twitter” you’ll receive over 10 Million results.  Brilliant tips and tricks how to set it up, how to follow etc. but how should I actually make use out of Twitter was not really to find – obviously I did not have the time to grind through 13 Million results.

I searched for “why should I use Twitter” and the results were still 85,000 – but most were an epic explanation what Twitter is.

Michael Campbell writes: “Twitter is a way to get your message out”, uhh really? Blogul says “It is a cross between blogging, texting or SMS” hmm, if I’m not doing either am I off? Wayne Moran posted: “Twitter is all about the relationship and the socializing.” true,  but is that helping those who don’t know?

So why should I use Twitter?

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LinkedIn – not really a social network anymore

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, lately Google Plus have rapidly evolved over the past few years. Online interaction took center stage and having a profile is only a commodity. LinkedIn developed into a different direction. groups degraded to cheap classified add boards, question and answers were basically replaced by the likes of Quora and Focus and the actual "conversation" circles all around spam.

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