Program Overview


Program Recommendations:

B2B Brand Marketing Manager, Social Media Consultants and Agencies

If you have a basic understanding of Social Media and want to be able to develop social media strategies and engagement plans, create campaigns and understand budget planning best practices the S3 Certified Social Media Manager maybe best program for you. More Details

B2B Customer Experience Manager (CX Program)

If you are a responsible for Customer Experience and want take CX to a whole new level, you probably realize the convergenc of social media and customer experience management. This program is guiding attendees through a 360 degree customer experience strategy development program. More Details

Indirect Channel / Partner Program Manager

If you are responsible for partners and distribution channels and want to launch next generation business partner programs and take partner engagement to a new level, the S3 Certified Social Media Channel Manager program may be the best match for you.  More Details

Campaign Management & Buzz Creation

If you are task to create massive awareness campaigns and social media buzz, need to know the anatomy of a buzz, plan it and carry it out, the S3 Certified Buzz Master Program is probably best for you. More Details

B2B Sales Managers

If you want to take sales to the next level and become significantly more efficient and successful, the S3 Certified Social Sales Manager is probably the best program for you. Due to necessary sales process improvements, this program only makes sense for teams with a sales process improvement program in place. Please call for details.  More Details

B2B Enterprise Level Social Media Strategy Development

If you successfully completed the Social Media Manager program, have real world experience with the “Four Quadrant Assessment Model”, the “Strategy Hexagon” to create Social Media Strategies, the S3 Academy planning models , the NCP methodology and want to develop enterprise level, cross functional high impact engagement strategies, this highly demanding top level education maybe the best program for you.  More Details



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