1,000 Registrations for Social Media Tools Week so far

Nov. 16-20, 2009, the Social Media Tools Week will show products in action, best practices and more. The all online event serves attendees in the US, Europe and Australia/APAC. With over 1,000 registrations, already, this will be the largest social media online event of the year.

Tools and best practices
We’ll show the top reporting tools, the big 3 in networking, (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for business) we’ll do several Twitter tools, social bookmarking, social media management tools and announce Social Relationship Management tools.

You can register for a free ticket.

Online – yet interactive
But Tools Week is not only passive participation. By Nov 16 we will provide a social media directory with over 100 business relevant tools where all participants can vote on and help all of us understand how you liked them. If your favorit tool is not on it – just add it.

Please create a XeeSM (your personal social site manager) with all your social sites on it. The day the Social Media Tools Week starts all participants will be able to connect with others on their preferred networks. Sharing what you saw and liked. So you may get to know likeminded people from around the world.

You may want to confirm your participation publically on our Fan Page and see who else is going.
We added it today

That means: The Social Media Tools Week is an all online event but with a lot of possibilities to connect with interesting people around the world.


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