Network democracy or kingdoms

Kingdoms ruled the world for the past thousand years. People either lived in one of those kingdoms or were essentially outlaws or gypsies. Those who belonged to any of the kingdoms had to obey their rules or needed to leave to find a new place. That was very hard as you had to leave friends and family behind. When I hear from friends they are in twitter jail or even worst their account were blocked it reminds me on those kingdoms where the king decided the rules and their guard just executed whatever they felt is not right. One of my contacts tried for 3 month to get his Twitter account back and then finally created a new one – without knowing why. I had such a situation 3 years ago. Our Social Media Academy account was erased by Twitter and I had no way of knowing, getting in touch or getting an answer.

You know I’m running XeeMe and we are getting into a similar situation. Users tamper with their accounts, try to cheat with XeeScore or put up content or images that are considered inappropriate by most users. Now should be we as rigorous as others and just block it? I actually think this is too much and rather invest more time to think about democratic measures to deal with the differences between right and right. What maybe ok for one maybe totally inappropriate for somebody else.

Hiring people to get the XeeScore up or trying other methods to do so is certainly not right – regardless of somebody’s believe system. But even though – blocking or erasing an account is too much penalty. XeeMe want their users to be sure that XeeMe is the one place they always can trust even if they are not trustful themselves. May sound strange but again the lines between right or wrong aren’t that crystal clear as they should be.

So rather being a kingdom XeeMe wants to be a democracy. They want their users to have a saying in the rules definition in a more democratic manner. They want to make sure that a user NEVER looses their XeeMe account and can always trust that the user’s contacts find them under that address with the content that is considered appropriate for what thet call the “XeeMe Society”

I would love to hear from you – what do you think is appropriate, or inappropriate and how a network owner – whether it’s XeeMe, Twitter, LinkedIn or whoever should deal with rules definition and rules enforcement.



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  1. What is the difference between knowledge and personal wisdom? Example – knowing a tomato is a fruit and not using it in a fruit salad. This same question is relevant to your article re kingdoms and democracy. One tells you the other guides your decision. Read on.

    Since really starting to practice what I am learning re Social Media and it’s management I have begun questioning ethics and morals. Personally while there is big $$ to be made somewhere on the internet where does that leave judgement decisions? If you ‘work ‘ for your employers pay check then that working culture had better have great morals or your personal ethics will cause a divide between you and your work environment.

    Emulating people I thought were doing things their way caused a few shocks to my system when I found that these self same people were actually working for a ‘pay check’ within a corporation….while at the same stage telling me how to make it within social media management!

    With this in mind I prefer that is a democracy rather than a kingdom.

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