CXM 2017 – the greatest opportunities for CMOs

0a20818[1]Is Customer Experience Management going to be a responsibility of tomorrows CMO?

As most of you know, I’m passionate about Customer Experience and run the largest Customer Experience Management Group on LinkedIn. In my endorsements you find acronyms like “Marketing Machine” or the marketing Mastermind behind the company etc. And while not a CMO I’m a member of the CMO Council. Any connection with one and the other? Absolutely. The CMO is a company’s best bet to get customer experience in line with brand awareness and brand perception, driving demand for sales and direct support to do what needs to be done.

Over the past years CMOs have become data junkies and they are pushed farther and farther into that rat hole. At one day they know absolutely everything about every human being on the planet except one thing: “What to do with all the intel”? You hear it almost every day that our world is changing, customers are changing, buying pattern are changing… and its correlating data… are changing too. Do you see the dilemma?

1) 80% of purchase decisions in B2B or B2C are made based on mentions and recommendations.

The opportunity is to stimulate those mentions and recommendations and raise the noise level around the brand – rather than trying to avoid any brand discussions, fearing they could be negative.


2) Most businesses, still today, have no other market feedback mechanism than surveys which most customers don’t like. Even worst, most of the results remain unused.

The opportunity is to leverage instant online feedback and create a fast product alignment with market needs in near real time accelerating the time to market over the competition.


3) Email marketing and advertising go rather unrecognized due to an overwhelming brand noise every day. Like people living at a train station no longer hear the train.

The opportunity is to move from a conventional and no longer digestible corporate messaging model to a user voice amplification to grow product and brand awareness and receive an additional boost of authenticity in the message.

Now if you look at the above you will notice that the user voice is by far the most influential force in purchase decisions and growing revenue. The consequence is to stimulate positive user voice at almost any cost.  But interestingly enough this isn’t all about money. You really cant “buy” positive feedback; it is about creating a customer experience that breeds positive feedback on its own.  This leads almost automatically to a customer experience centric go-to-market strategy. And to put this together – again – the future CMO is the most likely the one who can and will do it.

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